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The main focus of this Survey is to close the gap between the Game Affairs Team and the Community. With the help of your feedback
We will try to tackle any Game Affairs related issues and/or changes that have to be made in order to improve the community.
We care about the Community and want to make it an interactive and fun environment to play on.


Greetings, Lunatics of Lawless Roleplay. As I have been appointed as the new Director of Game Affairs, we have taken a step forward, with the team and decided to conduct a Survey for the Lawless Community, we would love to hear from you what type of suggestions you have and what changes you would like to see. This will help us improve the Community and prioritize new features. We take each of your opinions into account so be sure to spend a few minutes of your time filling out the Survey.

The Survey has a set of 14 questions. The important ones are marked with "required" which means you have to fill that out. We are using a platform called Google Forms and I assume everyone knows how to operate in it, in order to answer the survey you need to sign with your Google account so we can keep a track of each response and there is no double submission. A Common question arises amongst ourselves and that is how will the survey work?. We will be collecting the responses from the players, evaluate it and then see what sectors need to be worked on.
Then deploy our resources to make the plan successful

The players who have given us fantastic suggestions to work on will be rewarded with
14 days of IVY which comes with Custom User Title!

Once again we value your feedback and we would love to hear about your experience in Lawless Roleplay. We will be accepting responses until N/A so what are you waiting for? Link is below and visit the site to answer the survey.


Click here to be redirected to the Survey Site!

Director Of Game Affairs

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