Gambling, a blessing, or a curse?

Apr 16, 2014
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Gambling, a blessing or a curse?
By: Magnus Septim | May 30, 2015

(A group of people gambling inside casino)
Rodeo, Los Santos - Well, we all know the gambling business is one of the most famous businesses around Los Santos, maybe even in San Andreas, so I've decided to take a closer look into this business, and get to know its advantages, and its disadvantages.

Well as you all know gambling is all about money, you know what they say: "be rich to get richer", there is another old saying: "From rags to riches", We were hoping to encounter some people that master the skill of gambling, they're also known as the "gamble-addicts". So we visited the casino (the most popular location for gambling) hoping to see some of those guys there and ask them what they think about these the two quotes mentioned earlier. Which one applies the most on gambling, which one they think is most fitting.

First up was: Rio Savage, he said: "You need to be rich to get richer", of course, that's what he thinks, cause he's a rich guy, known for his money, always showing off with the "bling bling"... His clothes show his riches, if you see anything that's expensive, you just know this guy is its owner.

(Rio Savage)

We have decided to get a second opinion, so we also asked a poor guy, living a life of integrity, which is the exact opposite to the life Rio is living, to see if these people will have different definitions of gambling, so we got none other than Mr Williams....
And just as we had expected, his answer was: You start from rags to riches.

(Toni Williams)
And there was a small debate here between Rio and Toni, I recorded it, to write it in my journal:
Rio: You can't get rich if you ain't rich, 5,000$ bets will take an endless time for you to get my millions.
Toni: If you didn't start from rags, how did you become rich to start saying that you have to be rich to get more rich?
Rio : Well of course you know, from my father, from my work....
Toni: So you did work.
Rio : But I didn't need the money, just to add it.
Toni: So from your father, alright, then where did he get the money if he wasn't poor one day?
Rio : From his father.
Toni: And where did he get the money?
Rio : From his father.
And this kept going on for hours, so we thought this cropped part of their long, long, long, long, conversation, is enough.

So let us know what you people think, do you need to be rich to get richer? Or you have to start from rags to riches.

Well on another topic of gambling, its disadvantages, studies proved that one main cause of death is gambling, because it might lead you to: having a dept towards someone, winning against mad criminals...., which was the case with this guy, who won against, yes, Rio Savage, the bet was large enough for Rio to commit murder!

(Here's a picture of the crime scene, when Rio ended the poor man's life!)

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Jun 11, 2013
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Name: Xiben Pro Gambler
Comment: toni is poor mateeeee

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Oct 23, 2014
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Name: sexy boy splitzer
Comment: toni was poor
is poor
and always will be poor
(my cute slave)


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La Raza
Mar 25, 2015
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Name: Erick Orlando
Comment : ""You can't get rich if you ain't rich'' Best quotes i ever seen.

Quatro Variez

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Dec 11, 2014
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Name: Quatro Variez.
Comment: "Money comes from hard work". Wrong. If money comes from hard work, then a donkey would be sleeping on a bed made of gold.
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Red-Headed Stepchild
Feb 17, 2015
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Name: Kinngston X Trazzege
Comment: Hehe i started with 5k and for around 5 Day's i won 2m.