From a Meteor Catastrophe to a Great Discovery

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Nov 8, 2013
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From a Meteor Catastrophe to a Great Discovery
By: Bodan Talev | December 1, 2015

Los Santos -
Scientists are studying the terrifying meteor that exploded without warning over Los Santos yesterday. Meteors, about the size of the one that streaked through the sky at 65,000 kph and burst over San Fiero last year and ones even larger and more dangerous, are probably five times more likely to hit the planet.
(One of the thousands of people dead)

Supposedly, thousands of people were killed and even more are injured during the meteorite shower in Los Santos. Modern researchers are usually skeptical about the number of fatalities.
I've talked to one of the people who survived and here is what he said:

Bodan Talev: Hello, it is very lucky to survive in a situation like this isn't it?
G.T: Very lucky indeed...
Bodan Talev: Can you tell me what happened?
G.T: Of course. I heard that a meteor shower would happen and I was so excited so I went to see the meteor shower and then this happened.
Bodan Talev: Will you ever go to see a meteor shower again?
G.T: Hah, no way I'll watch it on TV. *laughs*
Bodan Talev: Alright, thank you for your time, bye.
G.T: No problem, bye.

It is one of the most unlikely ways to die, but NASA says that it can happen from time to time!

Scientists say that all the meteors were found with diamonds inside. Also, NASA found a dead alien body near a meteor. Scientists say that this is the first time they had found an alien. The alien is now being autopsied. I've talked to a scientist about the alien and here is what he said:

Bodan Talev: Hello there.
Scientist: Hello.
Bodan Talev: Is this the first time you found an alien?
Scientist: Yes, it is.
Bodan Talev: Where's the alien now?
Scientist: He's being autopsied at the moment.
Bodan Talev: I wonder how the inside of the alien looks, alright, thank you for your time, bye.
Scientist: No problem, bye.
Alien From GTA V-2.jpg
(The alien)

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Nov 25, 2015
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Name: Kalgon Grande
Comment: Nice to see a well written article, I'm curious as to what may come of these events though..


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May 12, 2014
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Name: Niel G Blaccwood
Comment: Alien?! i heard once that Glowing UFO is seen parked on the gorund near Area 69.
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