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Apr 11, 2013
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We are 4 months in to the new year, it’s spring, and the snow is melting (for those who live with the penguins like me). And just like the birds and the bees, we, the staff, like to see the flowers bloom and devote changes and colour to the new year. Therefore, we’ve decided to bring a few changes of our own to the new year.. On the forums.

With the new changes we wish to make it easier for the players to navigate the forums. This means we’ve gathered all the different sections into specific categories. This also allows the staff to moderate every section more efficiently, which is also why we have decided to make moderation groups for some of the categories.


· In character - category divided in to 6 different nodes for both factions and normal players. The faction nodes will be moderated by the factions.

· Out of character - category for requests (i.e administrative, donation, refund divided in to seperate nodes), ban appeals, bug reports, and player complaints.

· Report a crime form - featured in the factions section (yet to be released..)

· Other A category featuring the old general discussion nodes. Off-topic section for forum games etc.

· Other Games - Currently GTA V and League of Legends.
NB! We’ve got bigger plans for this section...

· Non-English Forums (Arabic, Dutch, Filipino.) Only frequently spoken languages will be added to this category.

Enhanced moderation system
As mentioned above, it has been decided to make seperate moderation groups for the different categories. This is to make sure the different sections are being used correctly, and to make it easier for the staff to enforce the forum rules. The forum will from now on be moderated with the following moderation groups:

· IC forum moderators (http://lawlessrp.com/categories/in-character.501/)
· General discussion moderators (http://lawlessrp.com/categories/other.15/)
· Game category moderators (http://lawlessrp.com/categories/other-games.84/)

Summer is soon here, and so is lawless' one year anniversary. Stay tuned!

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Aug 1, 2013
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