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We're happy to announce that an Angel Pine update is right around the corner! In case you missed it, Angel Pine is a small town located to the west of Los Santos, in which players gather and engage with each other while adapting a heavy roleplay behavior.

We have started working on this awesome town weeks ago by opening it for roleplay experiences and a very large number of players seemed to enjoy every bit of it! Angel Pine will be the home for every roleplay role model on Lawless Roleplay and not only this, but it will also be the home of future businessmen and money makers!

Angle Pine Identification Document Applications are now open!

There has been suspicious activity occurring within the town of Angel Pine and unidentified individuals have been roaming around it. Angel Pine Sheriff's department managed to take some of them into custody. The Sheriff has interrogated a number of them and the information gathered has proven that illegal exports have been conducted, which led them to set up strict borders separating the town from San Andreas, that way the Sheriff can ensure that nobody manages to enter Angel Pine without being an official citizen.

Whoever wishes to cross these borders has to officially become a citizen of Angel Pine by obtaining an Angel Pine ID. The only way to obtain this ID is by submitting an application form, it will be reviewed by Game Affairs and access will be granted to established roleplayers. Angel Pine is a valuable town where money makers will be conducting a new and different type of business, which is why applicants will have strict requirements to be allowed entry:
  • Fluent English
  • Heavy roleplay behavior at all times
  • No death-match, meta-gaming, or power-gaming warnings in the past 2 weeks
  • If someone already has Angel Pine ID and receives any sort of punishment, their ID will be revoked and they will not be able to apply before at least one month

Become a citizen of Angel Pine by submitting an application by clicking here!

Angel Pine property auctions are now available!

We've heard rumors that a product was coming in from overseas and Angel Pine is where the product's arrival is expected to be, however, the town is not large and the eyes of the Sheriff are in every corner, hence why houses and 24/7 convenience stores on Angel Pine are going to be extremely valuable and profitable for those who plan to make use of the new illegally imported products! It's a golden opportunity for anyone who's looking further to expand their empire or build a new one. Let the games soon begin!

For further information about Angel Pine Houses auctions, click here!
For further information about Angel Pine Businesses auctions, click here!

Angel Pine Sheriff's Department Applications are now open

The Angel Pine Sheriff's Department will maintain the highest standards of professional ethics and integrity. We are committed to the philosophy of community and neighborhood policing. We will employ time-tested police methods and promising innovative approaches to better protect our community. We value the cultural unity and differences of our community, recognizing that there is strength in both. Our commitment is to provide professional service to our citizens, residents, and visitors.

Become an Angel Pine Sheriff by clicking here

Angel Pine Medical Center applications are now open

Angel Pine Medical Center is a full-service, critical access hospital serving Macon and the surrounding counties. Located in Angel Pine, San Andreas. Angel Pine Medical Center offers inpatient services that include an intensive care unit and a medical and surgical unit. Outpatient services include a wound clinic, a full laboratory, digital mammography, CT, MRI, nuclear medicine, rehab therapy, as well as surgical and endoscopy services.

Become an Angel Pine Doctor by clicking here

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the only way to get a house at angel pine is to buy em from these cash grab auctions?
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Guess it's time to open a pizzeria on the feet of the mountain now.
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Whoop whoooop! On board the train heading to Angel Pine, Fuck you LS!
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