Installing GTA San Andreas
    In order to start playing on Lawless Roleplay, you need to have Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas (GTA:SA) installed on your computer. You can purchase GTA:SA from stores (as DVD or digital download) or on online stores (Amazon, eBay, Steam, etc).

    Once you have GTA:SA installed, you will need to install San Andreas Multiplayer (SA-MP).

    Please note:
    • • SA-MP requires GTA:SA (DVD game for PC) v1.00 US/EU.
    • • Version 2.0 of the DVD version can be downgraded to 1.0 using a third-party patch.
    • • Steam and Direct2Drive versions of GTA:SA can be downgraded to 1.0 by using a third-party patch.

    The most recent version is: SA-MP 0.3.7-R5

    Click here to download the SA-MP client!

    Once installed, click on the the "Add Favourite" icon and add! (There is a guide below to help you do this!)
    Guide: Adding the server to your favourite list
    Open SA-MP, at the top (see image below) enter a realistic name in the format of Firstname_Lastname (Follow the guide below if you need help). Then, click the orange button at the top with a check inside and enter '' in the that pops up.

    Now double click on Lawless Roleplay with the server selected to play!
    Guide: Configuring a name before joining
    Open up your SA-MP installation and follow the instructions as seen in the image below. Your name has to be in the Firstname_Lastname format. Valid names would for example be:
    • • Franklin Johnson
    • • David Wright
    • • Michael Hampton
    • • ...

    Beginning your journey
    Once you have entered the server, you will be prompted with a registration box. That is where you enter a password and begin making an account for yourself. Once finished, you will spawn into the city of Los Santos, a city infested with corruption, crime, and lunatics. Your role in the city will depend on the actions you take. What you do determines your value in Los Santos. Rise above the law or protect it, the choice is yours...

    Welcome to Lawless Roleplay,
    Where lunatics prosper...