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by Franz at 6:56 PM
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Just because you guys are awesome and we really love having you guys playing Lawless Roleplay! We want to give you a chance to invite your friends from other servers and communities to try Lawless Roleplay next week. We'll be giving them a special booster!

As a token of our gratitude for all that you have done for the community, we are activating Double EXP for the following weekend! We have some really fun stuff planned for you guys in November and December.

The Double EXP weekend will be on from Friday 21st November (23:59 AM GMT +0) to Sunday 23rd November (23:59 AM GMT +0).

Start Times
Los Angeles (GMT -8) - 3:59 PM
Chicago (GMT -6) - 5:59 PM
New York (GMT -5) - 6:59 PM
Rio de Janeiro (GMT -2) - 9:59 PM
London (GMT +0) - 11: 59 PM
Vienna (GMT +1) - 00:59 AM
Mumbai (GMT +5.5) - 5:29 AM
Manila (GMT +8) - 07:59 AM
by Vinninho at 5:12 PM
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Hey guys,

This week's poll is about the jobs, please vote for your favourite job and discuss what we can improve or what you like!

  1. What's your favourite job?
  2. Why is it your favourite job?
  3. What job would you remove and why?
  4. What job would you add and why?
  5. What can we do to get more people to do more jobs?


Lawless Administration
by Chaprnks at 9:30 PM
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Car wash, vehicle damage, indicators and speedo!

We've always been in the business on trying to provide a complete roleplay experience to our community whilst focusing on small details. Ever since we started, we have raised the bar for roleplay servers out there to provide their community with a more realistic and fun environment. We are here today to raise that bar another step. Introducing...

The Car Wash
People in Los Santos are all about fancy life styles and glamour. They're so self protruding that they judge on based on how clean your car is. You can wash & repair your vehicle whilst listening to some groovy jams! All it costs is a mere $5!

Vehicle Damage
We wanted to raise the bar for realism so high that.. the more your vehicle gets damaged, the slower it will drive. No more blazing fast cars ramming into people at All Saints whilst on fire! Hooray!...
by Frankie at 9:13 PM
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Non roleplay land objects

It has come to attention that some land owners have built their property with objects placed in a non-realistic manner. As such, some lands are blocking roads, access points, non realistic elevation and etc. If your land objects categorise in the following, then you may find your all of your land objects removed.

  • General Blockage - The land you own may not block highly populated locations and roads. This includes roads, pavements, access and etc
  • Stairways to heaven - The objects must be placed in realistic places with proper physical and gravitational support
  • Non Realistic Placement - This is when there are non-realistic placement of objects

Take this land for an example, which is higher than the Star Towers and oversees half of Los Santos:

If your land objects are placed in a non-roleplay manner or violates any of the categories above then all...
by Barney Phife at 10:02 AM
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Our stance on Rush Tazing

A lot of players and staff members have confused this ideology of 'rush tazing'. This is mainly because this ideology was introduced in every single roleplay server there ever was and they've carried that ideology here. The idea that if you taze another player during a gun fight is against the rules is not true and is not listed on our rules page. I was recently asked the following question:

If a police officer is rush tazing, does that mean they have tazed someone during combat/ gun fight?
No, this is not true. At Lawless Roleplay, we believe in having simple rules that are friendly to all members of the community. We also believe in having the script enforce as many rules as possible to make...​