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by Tye at 7:51 PM
(1,328 Views / 25 Likes)

SA News is OPEN

You asked, we delivered! We have decided to open the SA News to get it going! We've entrusted Leroy Gelson (@Leroy) to work his way up the chain to become the executive producer for SA News! He will start from the bottom, and gain ranks each week as he delivers new to everyone until he is at the top of the charts! He has worked hard in producing some news over the past week and we saw him as a great choice to get the faction moving in a forward direction!

The SA News will only include Leroy for the time being, this may or may not change depending on how things are running with the faction. We were able to open it with the three primary factions (
FBI @Alfred, SAPD -...
by Barney Phife at 10:14 AM
(1,442 Views / 20 Likes)
Would you like to see other servers from Lawless Roleplay?

I have always been interested in expanding Lawless Roleplay into a fully fledged gaming community. We believe this will bring the community closer together and have a much more communitiral feel. We are interested to turn Lawless Roleplay into a gaming news website and a community that plays many other games. If you would like us to host other games then please state the name of the game in your replies.

Some of the games we are interested in hosting are:
  • SA-MP Deathmatch server with racing, TDM and other modes
  • SA-MP DayZ server with survival skills
  • CS:GO server with custom maps
  • Minecraft
Services we will be providing:
  • ...
by Franz at 12:35 PM
(1,466 Views / 14 Likes)

Happy Birthday Barney and Ronnie! Today is a special day for you guys, and so is for us. Two big men with two important things in common; the affection towards the community and their birth day date. A great leader and exemplary manager on one side and an experienced administrator and great friend on the other.

I, on behalf of Lawless Roleplay staff team and Lawless Roleplay community members, would like to thank you and wish you a wonderful birthday!

To celebrate this great day, we have decided to host 3 SPECIAL EVENTS with 3 cool PRIZES!

1. LIKE & COMMENT EVENT on our beloved Facebook page - PRIZE: TIER 1 BUSINESS...
by Tye at 1:09 PM
(695 Views / 14 Likes)
At Lawless Roleplay, we love connecting with everyone as much as we can! We love to hold events and do things to keep everyone happy and make sure that everyone is having an awesome experience.

What some of you don't know though is that we love to do these things outside of SA-MP as well, we love to talk and host small events out on social media that can even get you prizes in the game!


With over 2, 800 people that already liked us on facebook, you'll need to be on your toes when we post our daily 4 picture, one word minigame and other sweet prize giveaways! We give out steam games, drugs, weapons, cars, houses, lands, businesses and all the dope awesome stuff you can imagine. Plus we'll keep you up...
by Barney Phife at 12:44 AM
(10,013 Views / 12 Likes)
Should Lawless Roleplay add sync shooting?

There is a growing amount of players vigorously demanding that we add sync shooting to our server. One of our developers, Chaprnks, has formed 3 scripted methods that work 90% to detect aimbots without false positives. This uses an extremely complex method which analyses the camera vector of several popular aimbot hacks and compares it to the trajectory of the bullet fired. I thought it will be worthwhile for us to come back to this topic and have a rethink about it due to the increased demand. It's only fair for the various players requesting sync shooting back that we consider it.

What do you mean by sync shooting?
This is a mode which allows players to aim at the body of another player and shoot for damage. Currently, you need to aim ahead of a player with respects to their ping. This mode allows developers...