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by Barney Phife at 9:36 PM
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UPDATE 1.3.694!

It is extremely difficult to create a fast and powerful game that does not lag behind. At Lawless Roleplay, we've always set ourselves the goal of becoming the gold standard for SA-MP Roleplay servers and this prevails in our mere 1 year of operation. In that time, we have completely shaken up the world of SA-MP Roleplay servers and you can see that with our unique innovations such as the miner job, lumberjack job, land system and many more. Whilst other servers lag at the Horizon by just introducing the miner or lumberjack jobs - today, we will raise the standard once again.

Our mission statement to you...
Lawless Roleplay is, and always, will be a community first and a game server second. We are dedicated to fostering an environment with a member-centric approach where all players have equal potential for in game success and community recognition....
by Barney Phife at 1:08 AM
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Lawless Roleplay will be undergoing scheduled maintenance on Friday 19th December at 7:30 PM GMT+0. We’ll be upgrading our security characteristics and will be performing standard server maintenance which could take up to two hours. During this downtime, our website will still be accessible to all users however teamspeak and SA-MP will be down.

We will release further details closer to the date. Keep an eye out!
by Franz at 11:12 AM
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Yes! You have read it right! We are activating Double EXP for 60 minutes this afternoon!

The Double EXP event will be on from 1:00 PM (GMT +0) to 2:00 PM (GMT +0).

Start Times

Los Angeles (GMT -8) - 5:00 AM
Chicago (GMT -6) - 7:00 AM
New York (GMT -5) - 8:00 AM
Rio de Janeiro (GMT -2) - 11:00 AM
London (GMT +0) - 1:00 PM
Vienna (GMT +1) - 2:00 PM
Mumbai (GMT +5.5) - 6:30 PM
Manila (GMT +8) - 9:00 PM
Auckland (GMT +13) - 2:00 AM

May fun and happiness accompany you throughout this unique hour and the rest of the day with us!​

Make sure you take a look at our statistics page of the forums (Click me) where you can find an interactive interface of the top players of Lawless based on jobs, wealth, played hours and more!

by Franz at 6:53 PM
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Dear lunatics,

as you might have already noticed, we have recently implemented a brand new department within the administrative team called Public Relations.

But, what exactly is Public Relations?

"Public Relations involves the planned promotion of goods, services and images of a organization intended to create goodwill for a person, place or events. Public relations professionals work to build long term relationships among individuals(players) and institutions(Lawless Roleplay).

The three general kinds of Public Relations work are publicity, event management and publication design. Their products are intended to influence public(players) and are designed to promote and protect an organization's image and products."

In other words

Public Relations department is composed of three sub-departments:...
by John at 6:33 PM
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In the past weeks we have seen a rise in scamming and so called 'hacked' accounts. We want to warn each of you to be careful with your account to avoid losing any of your items.

Our staff team will never ask you for any personal details.

The staff team will never, ever ask you for your password. Your password is personal and completely secret. We have no use of knowing your password. It's completely safe and is actually encrypted in our database. Your password is never shown without encryption and the database has no outside access apart from Barney. Even the database backups have encryption. Your password has never been stored on any cache of the script. We wouldn't even be able to compare it if it were for an account recovery; we simply go in-game and reset your password, without knowing your current password. Keep the password for yourself and make sure it is unique.

Staff members...