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by Barney Phife at 6:53 PM
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At Lawless Roleplay, one of our biggest desires and goals is to provide a very stable and smooth experience for all our members. This includes dealings with administrators, helpers and even reaches our website. Our website has been updated to meet modern standards which comes bundled with a bag of bug fixes and new feature additions. We are always dedicated to a bug free and smooth community weather it is our staff, website, game servers or teamspeak.

Update Details
Today, we are excited to release XenForo 1.4, the first supported version in the XenForo 1.4 series. This release builds on previous versions of XenForo to add new features and bug fixes. Please see upgrade information below.

The new features in XenForo 1.4 include:
by John Williams at 12:27 AM
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We have removed the Helper application system. We feel that the responsibility of a helper is far too big and complex and thus cannot be proved by an application. Helpers will now be hand picked based on their work, dedication and community engagement. Sadly, all previous helper applications have been closed.

So how do you get our attention to become a helper? It's all up to your imagination! The helper team's primary function is to help players, especially new ones, and to engagement in a manor that polite. We're also the first point of calls for Server Management when recruiting new administrators.

People in the past have spent days upon end in front of the newbie spawn with the '/wave 1' animation, helping and greeting new players. Others spend their time replying to question & technical support topics or creating...
by Barney Phife at 11:23 PM
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Repeatedly killing someone for the same reason is Deathmatch

We have updated our Deathmatch rule found on our Rules page to include the following sentence:

An addition to our Deathmatch rule now includes constantly killing a player for the same reason. For example, a player steals your car and you find him later and kill him. You cannot kill that player again for the same old car theft. If they steal your car again then you can kill them.

Another example is repeatedly killing a player for having a certain surname, wearing a certain skin and so forth. This also comes under our umbrella of harassment.

by John Williams at 7:32 PM
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Helper Management
Senior Helpers

(EU) Senior Helper
by Barney Phife at 9:22 PM
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Scamming and Robbing
This topic is here to clarify the scamming and robbing rules. This is often misunderstood and harms many players who have fallen for people's out of character scams. These rule has also been adjusted.

Scamming is when you offer a service or product to another player for a price. Once you have received the payment, you do not deliver your end of the deal.

The following quote is from our rules page:
You must be level 8 or above to scam another player and they must also be at least level 8. Anyone...