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by Barney Phife at 12:44 AM
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Should Lawless Roleplay add sync shooting?

There is a growing amount of players vigorously demanding that we add sync shooting to our server. One of our developers, Chaprnks, has formed 3 scripted methods that work 90% to detect aimbots without false positives. This uses an extremely complex method which analyses the camera vector of several popular aimbot hacks and compares it to the trajectory of the bullet fired. I thought it will be worthwhile for us to come back to this topic and have a rethink about it due to the increased demand. It's only fair for the various players requesting sync shooting back that we consider it.

What do you mean by sync shooting?
This is a mode which allows players to aim at the body of another player and shoot for damage. Currently, you need to aim ahead of a player with respects to their ping. This mode allows developers...
by Barney Phife at 9:49 PM
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We're pleased to announce that we've upgraded our forums to XenForo 1.4.4. This release fixes a number of bugs and issues that were found since the release of 1.4.3. As this is a maintenance release, the vast majority of the focus was an increase in stability.

This release also adds a new CAPTCHA option. It is Google's new version of reCAPTCHA and it has been redesigned to ensure it is much more user friendly to humans.

Some of the bugs fixed in 1.4.4 include:
  • Various fixes and improvements to the built in SMF 2.0 importer.
  • Fixed an issue that would throw a server error when a poll is restored from a thread draft.
  • Workaround an Internet Explorer bug which minimises the browser after posting.
  • Correctly adjust post count of a user when a post is moved from a forum that does count to a forum that doesn't count.
  • Fixed some IE11 bugs relating to copy and pasting content into the rich text editor.
  • The "Manage profile posts on own profile" permission now allows...
by Barney Phife at 10:58 AM
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Out of character deals & trades

It has come to our knowledge that a lot of users are exchanging items and accounts. These transactions between players are not covered by Lawless Roleplay staff. We have noticed that more than 99.9% of these trades are scams and not legit. Players will give you their account password and then e-mail us that they’ve forgotten their password. It is our responsibility to give the account owner their password back.

All forum requests, player complaints and e-mails regarding out of character deals gone wrong will be closed and not processed. We urge the community to not get involved in these transfers because you have a 99.9% chance of being scammed.

Selling accounts or trading items are done at your own risk. We strongly recommend that you do not do these kind of deals with anyone. As a result, we’ve introduced the ‘out of character deals and trades’ rule. The rule has been updated on our...
by Leiionidas at 3:32 PM
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Dear Lunatics,

Another year goes by in such a hurry. It seems only yesterday when we opened the doors to our humble home, hitting over 100 players in under a minute along with immense DDos attacks that kept us down haha! But amongst all the pain and the turmoil, we still are here, as a community. Indeed, many things have happened this year. The good times roll, the bad times shape our character.

We've seen both gangs and factions, rise and fall. We've seen them hit their peak, their threshold and even burst through that with an iron fist of success and determination. SAMP is forever changing and so are its players. Many people, come and go. Some of our best friends leave us, be it, on good or bad terms. But we learn from this and make new friendships. We hang together, we bang together. We run gangs and factions together, we drive-by, we roleplay, we...
by Barney Phife at 11:54 PM
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We have threatened other SA-MP servers with our constant ambition of setting the gold standard in SA-MP. We have constantly challenged ourselves to do better. We have, without rest, exceeded other communities and left them hanging at the horizon. We do this by not just trying to succeed other servers but to also try to surpass ourselves. We are committed to our publically available mission statement and this is prevalent throughout the community.

A group of individuals felt severely threatened by our great community that they decided to act maliciously. They did this by doing something similar to a spoof flood attack which was causing severe packet loss for players and delayed server responses. This made staff and players feel frustrated and useless. We were left to blame the script’s update as it overhauled a lot of old systems and the issues started once we released the update. I spent the past week reviewing...