Lawless Roleplay Launcher

A verified player is someone that is using special software on their computer in order to ensure that they're not using any hacks, illegal modifications or exploits. Someone who is verified has special verified-only features such as the ability to join events.

The verified system works in-game, you are given a tag ('Verified Player') that everyone will be able to see and know that you are someone who is using special software and is clean from illegal modifications. In order to become Verified you will need to run the official launcher, the launcher is a small executable file which scans your game folder for any hacks you may have and disables them temporarily until you quit the game.


*The home screen of the launcher, this is where you will need to input your username that you use to login to Lawless Roleplay.

*'Settings' tab, here you will be able to locate your Game Path, enable cleos and ASI's.

Download & Installation

There are two options of the launcher you can choose from to download, you can either download the automatic installer or the manual installation which comes in a zip file. It is recommended that you download the automatic installer in order to get everything sorted out quickly!

  • Download Automatic Manual Zip(Advanced) here

*Upon download of the Automatic Installer/ Manual Zip you should see one of the following:

*If you're using the Automatic Installer double click the lawlesslauncher.msi file and you should see the following.
*Press 'Next' in order to continue

*Now you want to specify an installation location (this isn't the same location as where your GTA:SA is installed) and then you can select whether you would like it to install the launcher for every account on the computer or just for yours, then go ahead and press 'Next'.

*The launcher has now successfully been installed onto your computer, you should see a new shortcut on your desktop.

*You will be promoted to enter your PC's Administrator password, once it has been entered correctly you should receive this screen.

*The launcher is now searching for an update, once it has been completed you will be redirected to the homes creen of the launcher.

*You are now welcomed to the 'Home' of the Launcher, here you want to enter your username and then hit the orange Play Button!

You have successfully configured the Lawless Launcher and are now ready to play verified!

Bug fixes

The bugs and fixes we have for them can be found here (Credits: George). If you encounter any problems please leave a reply there and our helper team will do their best to assist you