Update! Week 23: Criminal Enterprise Update + Turfs Update + 2x Scuba + Forklift Pay!

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Apr 11, 2013
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We are proud to release the Criminal Enterprise Update!

We have totally revamped the turf system and split the system into two. You have one side of the turf system which are businesses which generate income to form a gang's criminal enterprise while the other side of the turf system has perks and bonuses which make everyday gang life easier!

Businesses are available for capture every 24 hours while Turfs are available to capture every 47 hours.

Over the upcoming week, the game affairs team will be creating multiple new turfs to cover the entire map of Los Santos and the surrounding areas.

Gangs need money to survive and one of their main sources of income is via income-generating turfs that form part of a gang's criminal enterprise. With this update, all income generated from a turf automatically goes to the safe located at the turf (instead of the gang safe). The underboss (rank 5) or godfather (rank 6) of a gang must go around to each turf and collect the money.

If they become lazy and forget about it, then rival gangs can raid the turf and steal the money from the turf's safe via the new /turf command.

A rival gang will need 4 people (including the raid starter) to raid a turf while the turf owner will need 3 people online to be raided.

Once the rival gang starts the raid, they have to load the money into the bag via '/turf loadmoney'. They then have to survive for 20 minutes to keep the money. If any of the raiders die, their share of the stolen money will be returned to the turf's safe.

Have fun!

Some punks have infiltrated the government's passport and DMV service.

A new turf has been created as a result of this and makes income from all name changes and license sales.

* This event will be going on from 13th August - 20th August only

* This event will be going on from 13th August - 20th August only

- Enabled 2x pay for scuba diver
- Enabled 2x pay for forklift job
- New turf type: business and turf
- Business type will be income generating turfs and are available to capture every 23 hours
- Turf type will be perks and boosts and are available to capture every 47 hours
- New turfs to cover the entire map
- New document forgery business turf which generates money from name changes and licenses from city hall
- Each business turf has a safe and the income made from it goes into that safe
- Each business turf safe can be raided by rival gangs, each business turf can be raided once every 2 hours
- New /turf command with /turf balance, /turf withdraw [amount], /turf raid, /turf loadmoney - this command is disabled during turf wars
- The raiders must stay alive for 20 minutes to keep the money, if they die within that 20 minutes then the money is returned to the business gang safe regardless of who owns it
- Added automatic new 3d text style for turfs
- To start a raid, you need 3 more members to raid and the owning gang must have 3 members online
- You get robbery skill points for raiding a turf
- You load random amounts of money and up to a maximum of 20k per person
- Updated /findjob scuba co-ords
- If cops shut down a raidable turf then the safe is emptied
- You cannot raid a turf shut down by law enforcement
- You cannot raid a turf with no money in it
- Removed extortion turf perk from giving you tax cuts and hourly payslips
- If law enforcement has shut down a turf, any income generated by the turf is not added to the turf's safe
- All turf raiders must have their bandana on to /turf raid and /turf loadmoney and won't be able to /bandana
- You cannot withdraw money from your turf safe while it's being raided

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May 26, 2014
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May 30, 2013
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Brilliant update, that's what we like to see!
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Oct 10, 2017
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Insane, Keep it up
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