Official Guide Violence (Robberies, Kidnaps and more!)

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May 22, 2016
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Helper Team, Lawless Roleplay.
Hello there!

In the helper team, we've noticed that some New Players don't get much information about robberies, bank robberies, robberies to other players, etc. Therefore we've decided to make this guide about all the violence roleplay.

Let's get started.

1. Robbing a house.
- How to rob a house?
First, we need to find a car to load the stuff that we are gonna rob, the car MUST have a trunk, here is an example:
Now we need a house to rob, you can pick any random house, we will pick this one:
Enter in the house and type the following command: "/robhouse", you will get an item in hand and a wanted star, which means that the LSPD is now looking for you:

Now, you must go outside the building, go anywhere near your car (In this case, a sultan) and type "/car trunk"
then use the command "
/loaditem" to load the item you robbed inside the car:

At this point, a red icon should appear in your minimap, like this:
Try to get there, be careful, the cops are looking for you!

Once you get there, you'll deliver the robbed item and you will be given some money in hand, you'll still have the wanted level though, use a lawyer for that. You'll also earn some notoriety (To learn more about notoriety, check this thread: )

Congratulations! You have successfully robbed a house.
2. Robbing the bank
We'll explain this briefly.

Whenever you want to rob a bank, you need to get inside a gang, and get a R5 to rob the bank + invite you to it, he will know how to do it (
/robbank [id] [id] [id] [id] [id]), get inside the vault, which is under the main room in the bank, use "/loadmoney" until you get the money you want, then use "/finishrobbery"

Please Note: If you get arrested or you log out, the money bag will be lost, however, you can go back to the bank if you die.

3. Robbing a store.
This one is very similar to the "Robbing a House" one, let's get started!

First, you need a car, same as in "Robbing a House"

Secondly, find a store. I suggest that you rob an ammunation, you get more money from it, please note that you must have a gun to rob a store.
Enter inside the store, and, with a gun in hand, type "/robstore", You'll get 2 wanted levels and a bar in the center of your screen. When it gets empty you will get an item in hands:

So the bar gets empty, and you get some item in hand, you need to do the following:
Exit the building, go anywhere near your vehicle and use the commands "/car trunk - /loaditem", enter in the vehicle and follow the red marker.

Once you've done that, you'll get some cash in hand, watch out for the cops!

Hire a lawyer to defend you via "/ad"

Congratulations! You have robbed a store!
4. Robbing other players
Let's go with the last thing; the robberies to other players.

Please note: Before robbing a player make sure that he is level 5 via the command "
/id [name]", you must be level 5 to rob a player, even if you are just helping, in conclusion, all participants must be level 5+.

Well, firstly we need a victim, in this case:

Approach to him and aim at him with a shotgun, then ask him to put his hands up. If he does then yay! If he doesn't you can chase him and end his life with some shotgun shots, let's imagine for an instant that he put his hands up:
Once he has done that, ask him to give you some money, the maximum amount that you can rob is 5,000$:

If he doesn't comply in any of the situations then... Well...
PS: Check the command "/violence" in game for more information!

Also thanks to @RazBarak and @Chiko for being such great actors! :D
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Jun 9, 2016
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Great guide, very original!
I think I might start acting.
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Sep 21, 2013
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Rob Armstrong G Ramirez's stores instead, easy money.
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Aug 30, 2016
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rob my store again and i ll put an 500k hit in ur ass
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