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Jul 7, 2016
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Vehicles handbook
as I noticed alot of help requests about vehicles, locks, tickets etc.. this handbook will explain everything you need to know about vehicles
so as we all know, cars have an big impack over lawless rp server, as you can use it to get from A to B faster than on foot.

now the first question you may ask is
How can I buy a personal vehicle?
so for that you have 3 options:
first option is to buy it from dealership, you can use /finddealership command, which get's you to this menu:
choose the dealership, and you will notice a red checkpoint, follow it, as it show you where the dealership you choose is:

If you wish to buy a vehicle from that dealership, just enter the vehicle you wish to buy, that will show this message:

press Buy, and you sucsessfully bought the vehicle.

Second option is to buy it from players, you need someone that own a vehicle, to sell you his car (in characterlly), with /sellmycar comnand.
once he do it, you will see this next message:
as you may see, you have the vehicle seller, the vehicle name, and the price.
if you wish to buy it, just use the "/accept car" command, and you now bought that vehicle. (each price depand on the seller, and the vehicle)
you can also use "/ad", or look over "/ads", as alot use it to sell or buy vehicles.

Third option is to donate for one for real money, from this forum donation section, you may donate for a vehicle you may find over there.

so after you bought the vehicle, you might wonder what's the vehicle commands, and what can you do with it.
in game, if you write "/carhelp" you will see this over your chat box
as those, are your vehicle commands.
I will speak about every important command separately.

as you may know, the server have vehicles lock system, that you can use to prevent unwanted visitors from your vehicle, but you must buy that lock, or buy a vehicle with a lock placed on it.
if you wish to know if your presonal vehicle have a lock on it, just use "/lock" command
if you have a lock placed on it, you should see this once you use /lock command
or this
if you don't have a lock placed on your vehicle, you will see this message:
so, if you wish to get a vehicle with a lock, you can buy one from players, that already bought a lock to the vehicle and wish to sell it with that lock
you can place the lock on the vehicle by your self!
this is the way you do it:
you need to get inside a 24/7 store, you can use /nearestbusiness command, and choose "24/7" store if you don't know where it is.

after you got into any 24/7 store, use the "/buy" command, which will show you this menu:

as you may see, you have 2 locks - vehicle lock (1) or vehicle locks (2)

vehicle lock (1) is a snigle-use lock, which cost 500$, you can place it on any server-owned vehicle, untill that car respawn, explode etc..
to use it, just enter any server-owned vehicle and write "/vlock"

as you may see, the lock has been
Successfully placed on the vehicle, and you can now use /vlock to lock or unlock it (untill something happen to the vehicle)

Vehicle locks (2) are permanent locks, that you can place on your personal vehicles.
if you wish to buy one and place it on your vehicle, press vehicle locks (from the same menu)
and you wlil see theres two diffrent locks:

the alarm lock will start making horn sounds if someone picklock it (it cost 8000$)
the industrial lock is harder to picklock than the alarm lock (it cost 5000$)

as players can picklock your vehicle (via /picklock command, if they have lockpicks or a sonic screwdriver), you can choose what you prefer.

after you choose what type of lock you want, it will ask you this:

as you can see, you have the list of vehicles without a lock/without this type of lock, so just choose the number of vehicle you want to place the lock on.
after you did, you will see this message:

now you bought and placed the permanent lock on your vehicle, and can /lock it anytime (this lock you won't lose if your vehicle gets respawned, exploded, or if you log out, it stay forever)

Car Trunk&Hood
if you own a vehicle, you can open your trunk and hood via /car command, as:

car hood
to open your car hood, use "/car hood" command, which will do this thing:

you can use the same command again to close your car hood

as for the car hood, it's kinda useless, but you can use it to roleplay.

car trunk
to open your car trunk, use "/car trunk" command, which will open it like this:

and same like the car hood, you can use the same command again to close it:

the car trunk can be used to store items, as drugs or weapons.
if you wish to store something inside your car trunk, you need to open your car trunk (with "/car trunk" command)
and than, /trunkput

as you can see, you can choose if you want to deposit weapons, or drugs in your trunk
after you type the thing you wish to place in your trunk, it will stay there untill you take it out, or sell your vehicle.

after you place something in your car trunk, you can use /trunkbalance command to see what's in your trunk

if you wish to withdraw something from your car trunk, use "/trunktake" command

after you use it, you will withdraw that drug/weapon from your car trunk.

Vehicle Spawning
as you log in, your vehicles aren't spawned at lawless rp server, to spawn them you must use /vstorage command, and choose the vehicle you wish to spawn from that menu.
after you spawn it, you will see this next thing:

as you spawn your vehicle, it will spawn at the place you parked it.
to park your vehicle, use "/park" command, so your vehicle will spawn in that location.

Car Track
to know your personal spawned-vehicle location, you can use "/trackcar" command, after using it you will see this menu:

after you choose the vehicle you wish to find, you may notice a red checkpoint at your mini-map, and a big red market in game, that show your vehicle location.

Car Color
if you wish to change your vehicle color, you must buy a sparycan from any 24/7 store (/nearestbusiness - 24/7)
after you enter it, use /buy and you will see this next menu:

choose the sparycan, and it will lead you to this:

type the number of spraycan's you wish to buy, and accept (every sparycan = single use car color changing)
after you have spary colors, just enter the vehicle you with to change the color, and type /colorcar with 2 ID's (the ID=the color)
for exmple: ID 0 = black (so you do /colorcar 0 0)

ID 1 = white, so to change your vehicle to white color use /colorcar 1 1

you can see some basic colors over /listcarcolors command, or you can search over google for all ID's colors.

Car Keys
you can give away you vehicle car keys by /givekeys command, whoever get's your carkeys from you, can lock or unlock your vehicle, but won't have access to your car trunk items.
if vehicle owner / the player who got the keys logs out, the player won't have the keys he got anymore.
to give your keys to someone, use /givekeys command, with the ID of the player you want to give your keys to (make sure you stand close to him), and use /givekeys [his ID or name]
after you do it, you will notice this menu:

just choose the vehicle you wish to give access to, and that player will get your keys to that vehicle.

if you want to take the keys from him, use /carkeys, and choose his name from that menu.

Delete a vehicle
This command is highlly not reccomaded, as you delete your vehicle and not getting paid for it, but for those that have a cheap vehicle they can't get rid from, can use /deletecar command to delete it with no refund.

Vehicles tickets
when you leave your car illegally parked (on the road for exmple), a cop might notice it, and ticket your vehicle.

you may see it everytime you enter that vehicle

to pay that ticket, you must go to the DMV.
for that, you can use /guide command

choose Vehicles

and DMV
after you do it, you will notice a checkpoint at your minimap, that's the DMV location.

you need to go inside, and pay your ticket using the /dmvmenu command

that's it for the handbook, I hope it helped some of our lawless rp players.
May 12, 2013
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I'm proud say that your Guide regarding the vehicle has now been moved to our Official Guide Section on our forums.

Thank you.
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