Update! Update 27: Light Roleplay, Halloween, Bandana Update, Battle Royale, $10k FREE, Job bonuses & more

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Apr 11, 2013
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As we release our 27th update this year, we enter a brand new period in the history of Lawless Roleplay. The implementation of light roleplay. We also have some other goodies included!

I just want to thank everyone involved in this update, it was extremely challenging with work and COVID-19 but we worked hard and kept our eye on the finish line. I would like to specifically thank our developers, beta testers and our media team for their hard work on this update. These guys do a fantastic job so that we all enjoy our playtime on the streets of Los Santos. 😍

Light Roleplay is finally here!

It's about time that we adjust ourselves to the new reality of building a healthy environment full of in character interactions. We have been under the influence of Dynamic Roleplay for so long to an extent that we feel like these changes are completely impossible, but with your help nothing is impossible! We will stay by your side down the road and will help you apply the new roleplay system, we have to help each other to build this new society by remaining professional and genuinely giving it a shot.

What's Light Roleplay?
Light Roleplay is the process of building in-character interactions without overdoing it, you will have the freedom to choose when do you desire to roleplay and in which situation you'd like to take part. The term "Light" also refers to not being compelled or forced to use the /me and /do commands all the time neither roleplay everything you do, you only have to adapt a professional in-character behaviour without breaking the Metagaming and Powergaming rules.

What's Metagaming?
Metagaming is the scenario of mixing real-life information with in-character information. When dealing with other players you always have to remain in-character and not involve your real-life information in the scenario, we have special commands where anyone can freely involve real-life conversations such as "/b" "/g" etc..

What's Powergaming?
Powergaming is roleplaying unrealistic situations by forcing them unto other players without giving them the freedom to react the way they see fit. When you're involved in a roleplay situation you have to give the chance to the other person to react properly, roleplaying is about give and take. Roleplaying scenarios which are against the laws of nature is considered as powergaming too, everything has to be realistic and fair.

Punishments for breaking these rules
We have purposely made the punishments mild since we understand the hassle of switching from Dynamic to Light roleplay, we will put effort into verbally warning every person who unintentionally breaks these rules and only take action against those who intend to rule break despite knowing the rules only for the purpose of ruining other people's fun.

First offence: Quiz (Must get 100%)
Second offence: Fine (5000$)
Third offence: Prison (15 minutes)
Fourth offence: Prison (30 minutes)
Sixth offence and above: Prison (60 minutes)

For further information, you may check our FAQ thread by clicking right here!

Here is a quick voice tutorial made by our beloved @Kent_Reggal in order to help the community understand the concepts of having light roleplay:

Find the candy scattered around the map before the timer ends to win some awesome prizes!

Use /giftboxes to get tips about the candy's location.

The top 15 candy collectors can be found on /topcollectors

The Gift Shop

The candies you earn by find candy can be used to buy any of the following from the gift shop. In order to check how many candies you have, look at the purple text just below where your money is displayed on the screen.

Top candy collectors
The top 15 candy collectors will each win awesome gifts which will be announced on Thursday 5th November. We have some killer prizes...

Halloween Day 31st Special Event
On the 31st October, throughout the day large shipments of gift boxes will drop. These are very special gift boxes which will all contain awesome prizes and candies. Furthermore, they will have really long time limits. So be prepared!

There will be special events announced soon so keep your eyes pealed!

Battle Royale is back again!

Battle Royale is a game mode that blends the survival, exploration, and scavenging elements of a survival game with last-man-standing gameplay. You can team, heal, use drugs but there must be only one survivor.

When a new Battle Royale round starts, you fly over wasted battlegrounds in a plane and will need to parachute down without any weapons or tools.

Once you land, you will need to explore and scavenge weapons, health, armour and tools to kill rivals. Some parts of the wasted battlegrounds like the abandoned warship contain more loot and sometimes extremely rare loot!

The map will slowly get smaller and smaller until there is one winner left! The winner gets a money prize and if there are more than 16 players, they also get an additional prize.

You can start a new Battle Royale round at the red dot in the map below:

We have now introduced HUD bandana indicators!

If you are sniping, and you have your bandana on and the rival gang member you are sniping has their bandana on, you can press your walk button (default button: ALT) to check if they have their bandana on. If they do then they will have a marker above their head.

Back by popular demand!

We are giving $10,000 FREE to all players who have 2FA enabled (click here to find out how to enable 2FA).

If you do not have 2FA enabled, you can enable it by using /settings in-game and then reconnecting to receive your FREE $10,000!

* This event will be going on from 22nd to 29th October only

Earn an extra $50 for every $500 made being a taxi driver!

* This event will be going on from 22nd to 29th October only

Bug sweeper, Receiver and Bomb is 50% discounted!

* This event will be going on from 22nd to 29th October only

Neutralize is 20% discounted!

* This event will be going on from 22nd to 29th October only

- Implemented new bandana notification system
-- If your bandana is on, there will be a HUD icon near your health showing your bandana in the same colour or it will disappear if you're not wearing it
-- If you aim at a rival gang member with their bandana on (and you have your bandana on) then press ALT (walk button) there will be a marker above their head in the same colour as their bandana
- /f is now OOC
- Changed the colours for /pr (light orange) and /pr2 (dark orange)
- Paintball no longer automatically end when someone leaves a match after the match starts unless there is only 1 player left in the game
- /rphelp for players (listed in /help also)
- Automated admin punishment commands for non-rp, mg and pg
- Tutorial RP guide + quiz
- Made /jail, /prison, /fine, /warn, /kick, /gmute, /nmute, /admute and /cheater announce to the server
- Extended 2FA $10k freebie
- Battle Royale size of circle closing is fixed and there should be 4 zones until the end game including the first starting zone
- Taxi Bonus - Get $50 bonus for every trip that is more than $500
- Craftsman job discount - bugsweep, receiver and bomb 1/2 price
- Lawyer job discount - neutralize is 20% discount
- Enabled Halloween event script
- There are event coins that players collect upon finding the pumpkins around random places
- There is a halloween store that players can buy items from
- Commands: /giftboxes /topcollectors /giftshop
- Players can create private paintball games with upto 2 players
- Admins can /setadmin up a rank below themselves apart from management
- Made it so that admins on duty in LEO factions do not count for /robbank
- Tutorial when registering will not continue if paused
- Fixed /endevent killing people inside PB
- Fixed crashing issue when BR did not have enough players inside it
- Adjusted how you leave the event via /quitevent
- Made the battle royale plane spawn higher
- Fixed no parachute for players when jumping out the plane in BR causing them to fall to their death in BR
- Revised BR death logic, ie. dying outside the zone, dying inside the game by another player, committing suicide inside the game
- Fixed some runtime errors
- Fix tp warning when surfing vehicles or on bikes

The Lawless Roleplay team is encouraging you to follow, like, and subscribe to our Social Media pages! The benefits of supporting our social media are significant as we are hosting constant giveaways for our players, meaning if you like, follow, or subscribe to our Social Media pages; you are first to see the giveaway!

Public Relations
Development Team
Administrator Team
Whole Lawless Community

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The update we’ve all been waiting for 🥳
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