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May 22, 2016
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Helper Team, Lawless Roleplay

Hello there!

As you may know, Lawless Roleplay is constantly getting new players, and those players join gangs and factions, however, when they join, they do not know enough about turfs, and so, we've decided to make this guide about them.

1. Turfs list.
The first thing that we want to point out is the turfs list, which can be checked via the command "/turfs" in game.

The turfs are expressed in the following way:

Name | Capper/Claimer (Explained Below.) | Perk (Explained below.) | Time. (Explained below.)

All the turfs are:
- East Beach
- Idlewood
- Market
- Santa Monica Beach
- Fossil Fuel Company
- Materials Pickup 1
- Materials Factory 1
- Materials Pickup 2
- Materials Factory 2
- Drug Factory
- Drug Den
- Crack Lab
- Auto Export Company
- Chemicals Lab

2. Capper/Claimer.

Secondly, we'd like to explain some things about the cappers, who are the people that claim the turf for their faction or gang.

1. Only LEO factions can capture a turf, LSFMD, SANews and The Hitman Agency cannot capture a turf.
2. The rank to capture a turf in factions must be 4 or more, and the rank in gangs must be 5 or higher.
3. Use the command /ct in gangs to cap the turf and /shutdown in factions
4. LEO Factions can ONLY get 3 turfs at the same time.

3. Perks.
Now, we'll explain the Perks.

The perks are the advantages or benefits of capping a determined turf, they can variate depending on if a faction caps it or a gang caps it, we'll explain them one by one.

- East Beach -
SPAS-12: Gangs will be able to craft a SPAS-12 as arms dealers, Factions will find a SPAS in their lockers
- Idlewood - EXTORTION: Everytime you sell a gun or something inside Idlewood, you'll pay double, and the gang which owns the turf will get that money.
- Market - BRIBERY: Less Jail time for gang members.
- Santa Monica Beach - CONNECTIONS: When a gang/faction member uses /find, it lasts 5 seconds longer and you are able to find people with the "Safe House" perk.
- Fossil Fuel Company - SAFE HOUSE : No one can use /find on you.
- Materials Pickup 1 - MATERIAL PICKUP: It gives you money everytime someone matruns.
- Materials Factory 1 - MATERIAL DROPOFF: It gives you money everytime someone completes a matrun.
- Materials Pickup 2 - MATERIAL PICKUP: It gives you money everytime someone matruns.
- Materials Factory 2 - MATERIAL DROPOFF: It gives you money everytime someone completes a matrun.
- Drug Factory - DRUG FACTORY: It gives you money everytime someone drug smuggles.
- Drug Den - DRUG HOUSE: It gives you money everytime someone buys pot seeds from the Drug Den itself.
- Crack Lab - CRACK HOUSE: It gives you money everytime someone buys crack from the Crack Lab itself.
- Auto Export Company - CAR SHOP: It gives your gang cars 3,000 HP.
- Chemicals Lab - CHEMICAL LAB: It gives you money everytime someone buys chemicals from the Chemicals Lab itself.

Please note: Factions only get 600$ of aditional paycheck.

4. Time.
When you capture a turf, there is a cooldown time before you can capture it again, this can be checked via /turfs command.

A turf is officially active at XX:01, but you can start KOS'ing other gang/faction members at XX:45 of the previous hour, for example, if a turf is starting at 8:01, I can start killing other gang or faction members at 7:45

Whenever a turf goes active, a message which is sponsored to all the server will come up, it looks something like this:

"X turf is now available for capture!"

Be sure not to be around that place when it goes active!

5. Boundaries.
All turfs have boundaries, some of them are bigger and some of them are smaller but in general, they all have a terrain or piece of land in which people can go through, this bounds are very important and you can see them with the command "/showturfs"

When a turf gets active, a gang member will kill you or at least try to do so if you are inside the boundaries, be sure not to be inside them while a turf is active, however the boundaries will blink when the turf is active, so you do not get there by mistake.

The cap point is always inside the turf boundaries, its icon is a little man in the minimap.

Your bandana/badge MUST be on while inside an active turf, this is specially important for factions, since their badge does not turn on automatically when they enter inside the boundaries.

PS: You can read more information about gangs/turfs rules here: (See: "Turf War Rules")

Thanks @Pato for helping me out with some stuff.
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May 12, 2013
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@Ignacio M Einstein

I'm proud say that your Guide regarding the Turf has now been moved to our Official Guide Section on our forums.

Thank you.
Leon Sparda
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