The Barber Shop.

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Nov 9, 2013
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Barber Shop
By: Al Frost | May 27, 2015

(Exterior of the Barber Shop)

Idlewood, Near Gas Station. - Best Barber Shop in Los Santos, cheap and fast!
One of the workers is named "Jack", he can give you the best haircuts!
Your hair looking ugly? visit the Barber Shop and get sexy in no time!

(Barber giving a costumer a haircut.)
As you can see here, I saw a sad customer with a really bad hair-do. He visited Jack's Barber store and Jack sure did make him a happy customer. Kudos to Jack's hair cutting skills!

(Giving a haircut)
You can see Barber Jack's skills in cutting hair, not many people visit his shop, but I'm sure you have been impressed with his hair cutting skills.
Here's an interview with the Barber Jack.

Reporter: So tell us Jack, when did you open your shop?
Barber Jack: It was my father's shop, I took over when he passed away, And he opened it in 2000.
Reporter: Wow, how did you get these mad skills with hair cutting?
Barber Jack: I've seen my father do a lot haircuts when I was a child, so you can say I learnt it from him.
Reporter: Do much people come to your shop often?
Barber Jack: Not many people really, but It's enough so I can eat and buy clothes and make a living..
Reporter: Oh well.. I wish you more successful life from this Shop. Have a good day.

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