Announcement Spooktober 2021

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It’s the time of the year again to wear your favorite Halloween-themed outfits, decorate your house, watch horror movies, visit haunted houses, bonfires, carve jack o’ lanterns, and also do trick or treat with your friends! The Public Relations team will be hosting multiple events for the community to enjoy during Halloween!



A large group of people decided to go on a trip to a haunted mansion to later be trapped inside by an infamous serial killer who declares that only one person will be able to escape the mansion safely, in order to meet this condition they need to eliminate each other. A tense situation begins to spark as everyone inside the mansion starts pointing their weapons against each other..

Date & Server Time:
28th of October | 06:00
30th of October | 14:00

25,000 Materials



A rich man has kept a big cauldron outside his doorstep, it was filled with a lot of expensive candy and other treats, in order to get the most out of it, two of the biggest groups in the neighborhood decided to face off against each other and only the winner will be able to raid the cauldron, begin the war for the sweets!

Date & Server Time:
28th of October | 15:00
31th of October | 12:00

14 Days of Rose



A laboratory outbreak in Area 51 has caused the release of unidentified species, no information has been provided on what the scientists have been up to there. An emergency statement has been released by the military saying that any humanoid creatures
with fangs and red glowing eyes or otherwise, vampires, are to be reported instantly to law enforcement, upon hearing this news, adventurous men set out on their journey to hunt the vampires down for a big payment.

Date & Server Time:
29th of October | 19:00
30th of October | 16:00

100g of Crack, Chemicals, and Pot & 50g of Meth



It was a normal day at the City Hall until a sudden blackout happened and darkness spread throughout the building, people started heading towards the emergency exit to find that it has been locked down, suddenly, people hear a chainsaw firing up and start running around the building to find places to hide, who will survive until help arrives?

Date & Server Time:
31th of October | 20:00




Oscar the ghost has escaped the ghost realm and gotten a driver's license (he’s not really good at driving.) He plans to wreak havoc within the mortal realm, the last person to get knocked off by his car wins!

Date & Server Time:
29th of October | 06:00
31th of October | 18:00

Dynamic Door



Who doesn't like cosplaying as their favorite hero? Such as Jason Voorhees or maybe a vampire, or even a spooky skeleton!?

We have a Cosplay Contest where you have to upload a selfie in your spooky costumes (custom skins/toys) for a chance to win! To enter, fill the following form and post it below:​

In-Game Name: Answer
Entry: Answer

30 Days of Ivy



We will be hosting a social media giveaway with a prize pool of $200,000 in-game cash!

One random winner will be picked.

Entry requirements:

Follow the official Lawless Roleplay Facebook page, liked & commented your in-game name on our most recent post.
Follow the official Lawless Roleplay Instagram page, like & comment your in-game name on our most recent post.
Subscribe to the official Lawless Roleplay YouTube channel, like & comment on our most recent upload.
Followed the official Lawless Roleplay TikTok page, like & comment on our most recent upload.

Be advised, all of the requirements will be checked before we declare the winners.


Halloween Minigames


Find the candy scattered around the map before the timer ends to win some awesome prizes!

Use /giftboxes to get tips about the candy's location.


The top 15 candy collectors can be found on /topcollectors

The Gift Shop



The candies you earn by finding candy can be used to buy any of the following from the gift shop. In order to check how many candies you have, look at the purple text just below where your money is displayed on the screen.

Halloween Day 31st Special Event
On the 31st of October, throughout the day large shipments of gift boxes will drop. These are very special gift boxes which will all contain awesome prizes and candies. Furthermore, they will have really long time limits. So be prepared!

There will be special events announced soon so keep your eyes peeled!




The results of the costume & social media events will be announced on November 10th.

The Lawless Roleplay team is encouraging you to follow, like, and subscribe to our social media pages! The benefits of supporting our social media are significant as we are hosting constant giveaways for our players, meaning if you like, follow, or subscribe to our social media pages, you are first to see our competitions!


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