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Update! Server Update v1.5.63

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Apr 11, 2013
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Server Update v1.5.63

I will save the community the long story as to why I have been away for some time. This update was due a few months ago however I only have had time to test it recently. I hope you enjoy it:

- Added 10 more map bug fixes
- Rescripted what /showlicenses and /showbadge look like entirely and fixed an exploit to check admins spectating
- Added universal /show command which can show ID, Licenses, and Badge
- Removed all help directions saying to use /showid, /showbadge and /showlicenses - instead now directing to the new /show command
- Rescripted /detain and fixed a bug which allowed you to detain anyone regardless of the location of the cop's last vehicle
- Rescripted /free and fixed a bug which allowed players to check if an admin is spectating them
- Server bans now detect if a player is not logged in and blocks their IP from rcon
- Fixed /resetupgrades to include level based points
- Added /ncheck command for FBI and lawyers to check player notoriety
- Added /quitdiv to quit divisions
- Added /leave to have all /quit based commands within
- New login reward system (must have more than 8 playing hours on the account)
- Donators get 14 days free Ivy (upgrade if not Ivy and given additional 14 days) on logging in
- Normal players get 7 days of free Ivy on logging in
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