Update! Server Update 1.2.1

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Apr 11, 2013
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It simply makes more sense to teach the script how to make great roleplay rather than teach people to be expert roleplayers. Lawless Roleplay has always been forward thinking. And that's exactly what the update 1.2.1 is now. The robbery and fishing jobs are pioneering. The anti-cheat is innovative. Lawless Roleplay is ahead of its time. These features are all at the service of people. Not the other way round. And they're evidence that innovation can prevail over rampant updates. That's progress. And that's a beautiful thing.

We believe that all our members should experience smooth gameplay and interaction between another. For the past few weeks, we have been working extremely hard to iron out from very irritable issues for our members. This may be a small update but it has great significance towards what we are aiming to accomplish with Lawless Roleplay.

  • Fixed a major issue with C.O.C.K. weapon hack false bans
  • Removed the old C.O.C.K. car-ram punishment system, instead it warns administrators
  • Fixed an exploit with /walkstyle
  • Fixed an exploit with /accept repair
  • Fixed a bug with /deletehouse not removing the link between the player and house
  • Fixed a bug that allowed you to /accepthelp yourself
  • Updated several mapping files
  • Fixed several bugs with /pickweed
  • Fixed a minor issue with GetOverallPlayerWealth function
  • Fixed a bug with tazer
  • Health and armor hack warnings are now more sensitive and are now logged onto hack.log
  • Fixed a bug with /loadtruck in a big rig now allowing players to deliver the goods
  • Brand new /calculate which works with decimals (Credits: Joey Tucker)
  • Fixed a bug with armor and health missing randomly when relogging or crashing
  • Fixed a bug where you had to be below level 5 to open the jail gates instead of above level 5
  • Fixed a minor issue with weed plants not disappearing
  • Fixed a bug where the turf timer would duplicate as a cause of several captures/ failed captures
  • Fixed several spelling and grammar mistakes
  • Fixed a problem with lock picks breaking even though you have a sonic screwdriver
  • /togphone now ends any incoming or active calls
  • Fixed a bug that if the police fail to /shutdown a turf for the first 15 seconds, the capper name will be the one from the police and not the gang
  • You now get automatically untied after you die
  • Level 25+ can now view their second job in /stats
  • Fixed all LSFMD vehicle permissions
  • Fixed a bug with the process bar not going after robbing a store
  • Fixed a fishing exploit
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Apr 15, 2013
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Yes finally I can come online again withoue dieing every minute because some fag decides to jump in front of my car.
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