San Andreas National Guard Mobilized In Los Santos!

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Oct 20, 2013
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San Andreas National Guard Mobilized In Los Santos!
By: Lucas Henning | November 22nd, 2015

(SANG Troops moving out towards Los Santos)

West Coast Highway - After General Fredrick Knucklebag's statement indicating to the mobilization of SANG Soldiers in the Los Santos area, it has been shortly followed by troops quickly being deployed towards Los Santos. They are shown here to have arrived in patriots and it has been confirmed that they are here to stay. If you haven't been up to date with the current situation, the terror threat was raised to 'Severe' after the recent terrorist attacks around Los Santos. Protocol states that if this happens, the San Andreas National Guard will be deployed in the city.

(Two San Andreas National Guard soldiers stationed at The White House)
This is the scene at the White House while two National Guard soldiers stand armed with M4 Assault rifles protecting the Mayors Residence. Scenes like this are showing up all across Los Santos as tensions rise between terror groups and authorities. The public share many different views on the deployment and mobilization of National Guard Soldiers. Some people state that the government are militarizing the city and trying to induce fear into modern day society. On the other hand, others support the idea and many social media sites have been filled with comments such as, "Thank God the National Guard is here to protect us".

We speak to Mildred Pufflepots, an anti-government activist who was outside the City Hall, protesting against the action.

Lucas Henning: So, why do you not support the mobilization of the San Andreas National Guard within Los Santos?
Mildred Pufflepots: This is our city! We don't need outsiders to be coming here to 'protect' us!
Lucas Henning: Wouldn't you say after the recent violence that we do need at least some more help fighting against the terror groups?

Mildred Pufflepots: Well, I believe that if they allow us to carry assault rifles and heavy shotguns, we won't need the police!
Lucas Henning: Interesting concept but don't you think this will increase crime and terrorism, not decrease it?
Mildred Pufflepots: No! There are more of us than them. We will defeat them!

How do you feel about the deployment of San Andreas Troops onto our soil? Do you believe it will promote violence? Or will it keep us safe?

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May 28, 2013
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Comment: i saw one of them and killed him he gave me 6k noto wtf #notlying
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