Update! SA-MP 0.3z update (Version 1.2.4)

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Apr 11, 2013
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I hope that everybody enjoyed Valentine’s Day today. I certainly did and there is quite a bit more love to share around.

Lawless Roleplay has always been forward thinking and we are determined to set the gold standard in terms of server updates. We understand the demands of the community and we’ve shown that by asking questions and taking vigorous action where required. It has been our goal from the beginning of the community to provide a hack free environment and our cheat systems are the very best in SA-MP.

Our mission statement to you...
Lawless Roleplay is, and always, will be a community first and a game server second. We are dedicated to fostering an environment with a member-centric approach where all players have equal potential for in game success and community recognition.

Why play here?
Lawless Roleplay was originally founded on the principle that all players should rise or decline based on the actions of the person behind the player. We feel that success should be determined by a players actions and talents and not the whim of an administrative team. We have great code. We have great staff. We have great players. But most importantly we have a vigilant regard for your potential.

Is this a roleplay server?
We have worked to provide many in game tools for roleplay and it is absolutely encouraged however not required. We feel that any preferred mode of play that does not encroach on any other player’s enjoyment of the game is productive. Due to the harsh nature of game mode frequent player versus player violent interaction should be expected. However, this does not mean that players are allowed to kill other players for no reason.

Update 1.2.4 Overview

SA-MP 0.3z Released!

The SA-MP team has released a new update, 0.3z and we’ve updated to this new version with some special features of our own!

Quote from the SA-MP Team:
SA-MP 0.3z is mainly a security update for the SA-MP 0.3 branch. We've managed to include a few features and fixes too.

- An optional lag compensation mode improves shooting accuracy.
- New server callbacks allow greater control over weapons and vehicles.
- Network statistics functions will make it easier to admin servers.
- Many minor security updates for both the client and server.

C.O.C.K. Updated to version 3

As an administrator, you quickly realise that a lot of people suspect other players for health or game altering hacks. Often, players doubt another player's skills and report them to us. It is extremely difficult to judge if a player is hacking or not.

However, with with our new C.O.C.K. - players realise that hackers are a thing of the past. Our server will detect all health hacks and damage altering hacks and will edit the packets to make it right. It won't punish or ban you but make it right! The C.O.C.K. module has been updated to cover more hacks and cheats than just health and damage hacks.

The anti alt-tabbing has been updated to allow players to be damaged for the first 15 seconds that they're tabbed. The anti-crack shooting system has been altered to delete exploited bullets (nobody but you will see it).

Update logs


* - New weather system
* - Adjusted weed, crack, cocaine high effect
* - Removed kick if AFK for more than 15 mins
* - You no longer can /nos or /hyd inside forklift vehicles to stop opcodes from occuring
* - Added newb replies to /helpers and /ohelpers
* - Added /editpland for management
* - Added management controlled double experience event
* - Donators do not lose any double epxience whilst global double exp is enabled
* - Added C.O.C.K. door abuse whilst hurt
* - Added C.O.C.K. g-bug abuse whilst dead
* - Script now alerts admins of heliblad abuse and doesn't automatically kill
* - Cops can no longer deploy cades in turfs
* - Buying or selling a gun, entering a car or damaging someone will deactivate spawn protection
* - Added Filipino accent
* - R5 cannot give people R5 in gangs
* - Given A4 donator team access to /createbusiness and /editbusiness
* - Adjusted speed hack system
* - Added /gotoland for A2+
* - Added double exp for event in /stats
* - A3 faction mods can now use /editfaction
* - A3 faction mods can now use /switchfac 4
* - A3 faction mods now have auto leaderflag when using /switchfac
* - Only LSPD and FBI can share weapons, other factions can only share weapons within
* - A3+ can use /setmyname now and /newbme
* - Removed previous health hack prevention system
* - Updated functions to 0.3z
* - Updated the players cannot be damaged whilst in cuffs or loading interiors
* - Weapon damage is now server side (Yay! No more hackers)
* - Synced entire query storage sync system to decrease memory leaks and better optimisation
* - You no longer can search for people who have turnt their phone off
* - You can not search with your phone turnt off or turning your phone off whilst hunting
* - Renamed /find to /trace (legacy mode supported)
* - You no longer lose any health or armor when being shot with rubber bullets or tazers
* - Brand new anti c-bug detection which deletes c-bugged weapons (no damage done)
* - Added new vehicles around beach and spawn
* - You only get damaged for the first 15 seconds of being alt-tabbed
* - Converted weapons and armor functions to hooks to speed things up
Bug Fixes

* - Adjusted a minor typo with the hijack truck function
* - Fixed a typo with admin logging messages
* - Fixed a bug with stats display
* - Fixed C.O.C.K. weapon bug detection
* - Fixed a bug with /listpt
* - Fixed a bug where disconnected medics would bug their accepted patients
* - Forklift job bug fixes
* - Adjusted /dm
* - Fixed land bugs - However, all existing land objects must be deleted :(
* - Adjusted the amount of objects is streamed in for a player
* - Fixed a bug where fork lift driving skill could go in the negatives
* - Fixed a bug with /admins
* - Fixed a issue with /sellmycar returning errors for the wrong name given
* - Fixed a bug with /selldrink
* - Fixed a bug which prevents admins from saving thier accounts after going off duty
* - Fixed a bug with /respawncars
* - All messages sent to players in sync with out anti-cheat system
* - Fixed a bug with players being banned whilst exiting paintball matchs
* - Fixed an exploit which allowed to players to purchase items without paying for them at businesses
* - Minor fix for NOP VW COCK module
* - Fixed a bug with /checkbusiness, /sweep and /funhouse
* - Patched a huge MySQL injection vulnerability
* - Fixed a bug where forklift job did not detect double exp events
* - Fixed a critical bug with SetPlayerNameEx
* - Adjusted notoriety during kills
* - Lowered /neutralize pay
* - Fixed a minor bug with the time not moving from night
* - Fixed a bug which caused runtime errors in OnPlayerTakeDamage
* - Increased land string size to 8692
* - Fixed a bug with donator group in /ocheck
* - More fixes to the land code to prevent loss
* - Script stability fixes
* - Removed some useless logs
* - Dialog spoofing removal
* - House cleaning
* - Fixed a bug with report array size
* - Fixed a minor bug with attempting to save or update invalid players
* - Fixed an array index out of bounds error with /grabgun
* - Fixed a bug with people using bad internet connection to capture turfs with weird virtual worlds (Virtural worlds 666 required for chemical and crack labs)
* - Fixed a bug where DM warnings would not reset when unbanned
* - Fixed a minor bug with a truck spawn position
* - Fixed a minor stack/ heap size issue
* - Fixed vehicle respawn times of spawn vehicles
* - Fixed a error with /editbusiness sscanf
* - Fixed a minor bug with /grabgun
* - Fixed a minor run time error with /er
* - Fixed a bug with phone numbers going missing
I would like to take this opportunity to personally thank all the beta testers, senior players, members of administration, mappers, developers, helpers and everyone involved with this update on behalf of us - the players. Thank you all.

Happy Valentine's day to everyone...

~ From Lawless Roleplay xo
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Aug 17, 2013
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I looked forward for this update and I enjoyed testing it's bugs with you and the rest of our teams. Thank you, Barney, for bringing us this amazing server!
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Old School 2013
May 18, 2013
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Yeah! Nice, this is what we wanna see, I see some great new updates and finally some stupid bugs are fixed Good job Lilly, Calgon, Kevin etc. but especially Barney great appreciation towards you my nigger, good job, keep it up.
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Sep 4, 2013
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Thanks to our management and admins for their hard work to make the server alive. Keep it up.
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Sep 29, 2013
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Barney i cant install that fuck cuz the Disc D is Hidde nadn why do we need to upload this huh?
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