HIRED Pank Golden Blaccwood's Helper Application

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Pank G.

Old School 2014
Jun 11, 2014
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Helper Team Application

1. Personal Information

1.1 Full Name:
Pank Golden Blaccwood

1.2 Age:

1.3 Timezone:

1.4 Country of residence:

1.5 When did you join the community?:

1.6 From scale of 1 to 10, how are your English grammatical skills?:
8 out of 10

2. Examination Background

2.1 Why would you like to become a Helper?:
I was helper for a long time but due to inactivity, i had to step down. Thats why i would love to reinstatement and help my fellow players as much as i can.

2.2 Why should we choose you over the other applicants?:
Because I am an old lawless player and i know my way around.

2.3 :

3. Background Check

3.1 Biography:
*Pank G(olden) Blaccwood*
A poor immigrant who turned to be a multi-millionaire within 15 years of living in Los Santos. He used to smuggle drugs for living and became a `matrunning nerd`who sells weapon materials to ganglords etc. After years of hardworking he finally got to buy a tiny gym at the beach... 1 year passed he realized that he couldn't earn much from it and he is tired on his position in life so he decided to change as he doesn't want to work on the streets everyday just to earn a little bit of money so he started to do more serious crime such as kidnapping and robbery etc. Eventually Pank's life changed afterwards.
Nowdays Pank kept a very stylish public appearance, driving expensive sports cars, wearing expensive suits and often carries heavy weaponry to fight rival gang members, he also owns a couple of private lands, elegant houses etc.
As of his gangster lifestyle he has also acquired a number of wounds. He has been shot twice and has had his arms badly mangled by Hitmans, and as a result he is having difficulties in straightening his left middle finger.

3.2 Security Information (/stats):

3.3 Show a screenshot of your (/punlist):

3.4 Activity Status (How active are you in hours)?:

3.5 Past Name(s):
Ariq McCortez
Ariq Blaccwood
Smeck G Blaccwood

3.6 Do you have any experience (Roleplay):
Beach Gym Union : R6
The Yakuza : R5
Lion Pride Rasta : R5
Junior Helper
Senior Helper
DATE : 2014-2015

4. Administrative Background Check

4.1 Do you have any active DM warnings?:

4.2 Have you ever been DM warned?:

4.3 Have you ever been Admin Jailed?:

4.4 Have you been Admin jailed / warned in the past month?:

4.5 Have you ever been banned?:

4.6 Have you ever been a helper before?:

5. Contract Agreement

- Remain professional at all times. Being a helper means being a rolemodel for the rest of the players.
- Remain active and assistant whenever you can around the map, do not ignore players that ask for your help (newbie chat is your last duty, it begins with helping around first).
- Camp newbie spawn whenever you have some free time. Make sure there is at least 1 helper at all times.
- Never rulebreak. The slightest rulebreak will lead you to an immediate removal.
- Do not leak anything from the private helper section on the forums and the /c chat. Anything said there, stays there.
- When you see an incoming helpme request, do not accept it as a PM or refer it to the newbie chat. If you can’t find a Senior Helper on /c, accept it as a PM and meet up with the player if necessary (make sure they know to NEVER refer a helpme request to the newbie chat, and focus on giving them to senior helpers).
- Senior Helpers NEVER accept help requests as a PM. Only /accepthelp for private assistance.
- Helpers do not warn abusers over the newbie chat, ignore them and let the admins deal with it (Senior Helpers mute where necessary).
- Do not provide more than 1-2 answers for the same question.
- Agreeing to this contract you confirm to have skype downloaded and working.
- Agreeing to this contract you confirm to have teamspeak downloaded and working.
- Forum name is the same as IG name (or similar).

5.1 Do you agree with these terms & conditions?:

5.2 Do you meet the requirements set?:

5.3 Do you agree that the information provided is accurate and true?:

5.4 Signed:


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Sep 24, 2017
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Supported bro keep it up
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Jun 26, 2019
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I haven't seen you helping (cuz i have togged newbie chat off a long time ago) but you look a nice guy so why not.
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