My take on Nathaniel Wulf's Tea

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Sep 25, 2014
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Review: My take on Nathaniel Wulf's Tea
By: Luke Griffin | April 25, 2015

(Nathaniel Wulf posing for the camera)

San Andreas News Network Headquarters - Here I am today, writing about the brilliant tea that Mr Wulf gave me. First let me tell you some background information about him. Mr Nathaniel Wulf is an immigrant from San Fierro. He had jumped into a truck heading towards Los Santos as he wanted to enter the big city life. He has struggled to earn enough for his bread and butter until he struck gold with his recipe.

Now back to the tea. Tea revives you, refreshes you and de-stresses you. Brewing a cup of tea is like art in itself, an eloquent poetry waiting to unfold as you wait with bated breadth as the tea leaves slowly unfurl when it is touched upon by the steaming hot water, a piece of ginger smashed into it, some times two pods of cardamom or a tiny piece of cinnamon muddled into it. As you close the lid of the pot and let the flavours seep into the tea, mingling with each other, letting the strong flavours waft through your kitchen, filling the space with its strong flavour, the morning wakes up from the deep slumber and your day begins.

Well here is how I graded his tea:

Flavour of Tea : Strong with a slight bitter taste

Tartness :

Sweetness : Mildly sweet

Aftertaste : Present but not unpleasant

Refreshing : Not enough, best when served chilled or filled with ice cubes, a dash of lemon to go with it.

Overall : Above average, but compared to the drinks available it outshines them by far.

Recommendation : Would prefer fresh flavour, more lemony and slightly more sweet tea.

(Mr Wulf as he prepares a cup of tea for me)
Overall I would say that you must taste this tea, at least once! It is definitely much better than the muck that is called Sprunk around here. Also it is much healthier than the sweet Methamphetamine that the current generation are addicted too. As a parting note I would like to warn you that the tea is slightly addictive so have them sparingly.

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Oct 12, 2014
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Name: Aidan Griffin
Comment: Good thing the tea was poison free!


Good Fella
Oct 21, 2014
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Name: Danny Switch
Comment: That Milk Tea is poisonous.......
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