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Jun 25, 2014
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Miner job

Q: Where the job is located?
A: You can easily use the /findjob command.

Select 'Miner'.

Follow the RED CHECKPOINT wich spawned in your map.

Q: How to join the job?
A: Go on the job point and type /join.

Type /join.

Click on 'Yes'.

Q: I have joined the miner job, now how to work?
A: Go on the rocks and type /mine then keep pressing "CTRL", when you get a ore drop it at the checkpoint.

Go near to one of theses rocks and type /mine and start mining.

*Your charater's skin will change into miner skin*

Now start mining the rock by pressing "CTRL" or 'Left mouse boutton'.

After some clicks on the roch, you will get an ore.

Now head to the RED CHECKPOINT wich spawned in your map.

*I have painted the Most Wanteds in black to avoid missunderstanding.*

Go on the RED marker, you will automatically drop the ore and the money will go into your next paycheck.

Q: I must wait the paycheck to be paid?
A: Yes, you will be paid on paycheck, /stats to check how much you will be paid.

ADVICE: The ores aren't always the same, there are decent and quality ores, quality are more expensive.
ADVICE: To remove your miner skin, you can go far away from the miner job (Sometimes it doesn't work) or re-log in.

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Mason Savage.
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Mar 20, 2014
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Hello @Mason

I'm proud say that your Guide regarding the Miner Job has now been moved to our Official Guide Section on our forums.

Thank you.
Sona Langdon
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