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Apr 11, 2013
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This topic should be split into two different topics but for the sake of declaring a clear message we’ve decided to use one clear concise topic.

The second you join or hear about this server – you get the feeling that this server has no laws or rules but that is incorrect. I want make some critical rules clear in an official topic. As long as you are a productive player then you will realize how open the world is however if you are a destructive player, you will soon see that world close up on you.

Deathmatch is when you kill another player for no reason at all – IE. Jonny boy is standing near the LSPD waiting for his friend to pick him up, he has 10 health – Richard drives past and sees little Jonny vulnerable so Richard gets out his car and kills Jonny for no reason at all apart from the fact he’s vulnerable.

Whereas, Jonny boy has been drinking and using crack, his gang is able to launch an inferno on another gang. On his way there, he slams into Richard’s car and does not apologize. Richard’s car blows up and he’s fucking pissed off cause he was material running. Richard jacks another car and follows Jonny – Jonny stops by the crack house to get more crack. Jonny steps out the crack house to be confronted by Richard and his double barrel shotgun. There goes Jonny – straight to the A & E.

Or, a gang member of mine was killed by another gang for not paying tax on their turf. My gang then has the full right to declare war on the other rival gang and we can set up wars and drivebys on eachother. That’s okay and not limited.

Deathmatch is against our servers and administrators have been told that they can punish you however they see fit. I’ve seen people punished for deathmatch in the form of prison time and I’ve seen players punished in the form of swimming from the top point of San Ferrio back to Los Santos. We do not tolerate destructive game play. I understand that this is a harsh server and you will often see members of administration say to you: “I’m really sorry that this happened however you have my full permission to go back and kill that person to settle the score. If this does happen again then please /report or post a complaint on our forum and we’ll be sure to isolate that player”.

Another form of destructive game play is from the cops. They feel like the server belongs solely to them and do not want to share it with anyone else. They do this by making whoever they don’t like most wanted with false charges and place them in prison – they will only realise this when the server only has them playing on it with everyone else flocking the scene to elsewhere. Charge stacking is when a cop gives another player false charges. This is destructive gameplay and we do not tolerate it. If you have been a victim of charge stacking then please post a complaint here with screenshots and the cop will be removed from their faction and fined a hefty amount of money.

There are limits and lines to everything, once you go above that line and limit then you will realise that administration will tackle you down to the ground and isolate you for being a destructive player.

On the other hand, we have found a way to tackle deathmatch using code and this update will soon be released!


Thanks for the explination!

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