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Los Santos's Factions
As a Los Santos CIvilian, you may see some Faction members, with a blue or green name tag, and you wonder what can you do as a member of that faction, or how you can join it, this Handbook will explain it all.

while in game, if you type "/factions" you can see this at your chat:
Those is Los Santos Factions, by using this command you may see that faction name, Leader, Members
(total number of members) and number of Members Online in that faction.
Each Faction is Unique, with diffrent commands, assignments, leaders and members.

So now after we know what "Faction" is, we can start talking about every faction separately.

Los Santos Police Department (LSPD)

The Los Santos Police Department is responsible for Los Santos's safety, arrest the criminals, and defend the innocent.

the Los Santos Police Department HQ is located at Pershing Square, that's where Officers arrest criminals, get vehicles, get reassigned by the Higher Commands, take the LSPD badge and weapons (from the lockers)

As a LSPD Member, you have alot of responsibility

It is your LSPD Duty to arrest wanted criminals

Capture turfs (/turfs)

(as for turfs, LEO's get 600$ per paycheck for every turf that's captured by "The Police", but they can capture up to 3 turfs)

Stop Bank Robberies

help new Civilians

or just patrol around Los Santos, looking for criminals

you may look for more details about joining the faction, and the faction requirements by pressing this:

Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI)

The FBI focus mainlly on High notoriety criminals (including gang members), get information about that criminal, casefile every crime he do, and deliver him for notoriety suspect.

The FBI HQ is located at Rodeo, where the FBI can work on their assignments, casfiles, get vehicles, or get access to the locker room for badge, undercover uniforms, or normal uniforms.

unlike police officers, FBI Agents work most of the time undercover.

in addition to that, the FBI and the LSPD cooperating over turfs, bank robberies or bakup calls

as for joining the Federal Bureau of Invertigation, you must be at least level 7, and employed in the LSPD, as experienced officer (rank 2 or higher)
for more information, you can click this:

Los Santos Fire & Medical Department

The Fire & Medical Department are one of the most valueable faction for players, and other faction members.
as a FMD member, you can save someone's life, in case of injury, which is really critical for some players (as if you save someone from dying, he get's to keep this weapons and memory)
as paramedic, you can get up to 400$ per patient you save.

As a paramedic, you save people's life (or weapons), it's an important job and must be taken seriously

San Andreas News, as in real life, is here to update us about importent events or changes, as new gangs, important pepole's, activities, weather etc..
you may find those reports over the server chat, or over San Andreas News section over the forum

in addition to that, San Andreas News host fun activities and event's for lawless rp forums, as dice events, shotout's, quiz etc...

As the San Anderas news, you must be ready for any importent event, be quick enouge to take the right pictures, and make the best articles for Los Santos population.


So most of you may ask, what's the HitMan Agency? and how can you join it?

basiclly HitMan Agent's Kill pepole for money, someone can place a /contract on a person (could be in a faction, a gang member, anyone), the HitMan accept that contract, and kill him for money, as the HitMan get money from it, the contracted player lose 1:2 from the contract.

For exmple, you /contract a player for 5,000$, he lose 2,500$ after getting killed by the HitMan.

As for the HitMan Agency, you can't apply like the other factions, you must get handpicked for it.
HitMan Leader and members keeps their identity as a secret, so it's hard to recognize a HitMan Agent.

that's all, I hope it gave a small background about Los Santos's factions.
Special thanks for those that participated at the pictures


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