Liberty City Mayor Hospitalized By Terrorists!

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Oct 20, 2013
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Liberty City Mayor Hospitalized By Terrorists!
By: Lucas Henning | November 21st, 2015

(Liberty City Mayor - Hamish Kocklebags. Lying injured on the ground)

Red County (Area 69)- Shocking pictures are being viewed by the whole of San Andreas andsurrounding states as unknown terrorist violence strikes again. This image shows the latest attack on a Political Figure, Hamish Kocklebags - Mayor of Liberty City. He was visiting San Andreas to review the National Guard's new military base, Area 69.

His limousine was attacked shortly after his departure from the army base at approximately 10:15am earlier this morning. Video footage shows an elderly male, wielding a shotgun, firing multiple rounds into the Mayor's vehicle. The shots seemed to pierce through the car and hit Mr Kocklebags. He is then seen to stagger out of the vehicle before it explodes nearby. The national guard were dispatched to the location just outside the army base but were too late and the suspect had disappeared once again.

(Possible suspect for the attack)
Video footage which is being examined by the authorities shows this elderly male shooting the Mayor's vehicle before fleeing the scene. It is unknown how the man was able to get so close to the base without being seen by the cameras or the guards. Speculation has arisen about the reasons behind the attack, but it is most likely that it is linked to the recent terrorist violence. The mayor now remains at the All Saints Medical Facility but is scheduled to be flown back to his home state, Liberty City. All government personnel have been placed on high alert after the increasing violence towards political candidates. In the last week alone, the President has been murdered as well as a plane being hijacked in Los Santos.

The F.B.I are receiving a lot of negative attention from the public after their failure to act upon arresting the suspects. Emergency meetings have been held across the whole of America on how to deal with the crisis at hand, agencies are now working together to take down the terrorist cells.

We spoke to Mayor Hamish Kocklebags in a short interview:

Lucas Henning: Were you not expecting the attack after the President's death only a few days ago in the same city?
Hamish Kocklebags: It's one of those things where you think, 'wow, that's really bad'. But you never expect it to happen to you.
Lucas Henning: Is it true that you chose to drive alone after being offered a security escort?

Hamish Kocklebags: Yes, I did not want to show that I was afraid of these people, I guess that backfired
Lucas Henning: Will you continue to be Mayor of Liberty City and run in future elections?
Hamish Kocklebags:Yes, I will not let a small time terrorist cell wanting to earn a name for itself put me down. If anything, it encourages me to run even more.

We were able to get hold of the footage from the camera off the mayor's vehicle.

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