Official Guide Lands (Commands, building a land and more!)

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Helper Team, Lawless Roleplay.
Hello there!

In the helper team, we've noticed that there are not much guides about this topic, which is lands, and so, we've decided to make this guide about the lands and all their functionalities. Let's get started!

1. Introduction.
A land is a piece of terrain in which you can build your own house (or any other building for any other purpose)

It can be used to escape from the cops, and you can also have doors in it!

2. Getting started.
OK, let's say you bought a land, and you want to build something cool but you do not know how. This guide will explain how step by step.

First I'd take a look at the "
/landmenu" command, as it is gonna be the most useful command in building a land. Use it and this will show up:

Go ahead and choose the last and more useful option:

The following input will be given by the server:

Check your map! The lands are now shown there! (Light blue rectangles) This is very useful to know in what places you can build, if you exit those, you won't be able to build:

2. Building inside the land.
Let's go with the first option:

The following will show up when you select it:

You need to choose the angle (0º - 90º) of the object you are gonna place, as it says there, "Use angle 0 for building walls or normal object and use Angle 90 for roofs or floors.". Once you've done that, choose the cattegory of the object you are looking for, there are plenty of cattegories for you to explore.

Let's choose "Basics" this time. The following will show up:

NOTE: All of the objects are classified in the different cattegories, you can explore and add lots of things!
Each object is worth some money, and so, it will be showed in the right part of the square. Let's choose a regular wall! A wall with some axis will show up:

Use "X" "Y" and "Z" to move the object around:

Use the arrow button and the diskette button to save the object's position and purchase it:

3. Editing objects in the land.
When you place a wrong object, you might want to remove it OR you can edit its position, that's what we will learn here, we will also learn other stuff.

First, choose the "
Edit buildings" option in "/landmenu"

The following menu will show up:

Go ahead and choose the first option, "Adjust Building Position", the following will show up:

Woah, how to know what's the ID of the object I want to move? Well, let's say I want to edit a door:

We want to know the id right? Do the following in order to do so:

First, shoot at the object in question, or hit it with the fists, then type the command "

Et voilá!

Go on the ID list again, and look for the door's ID, select it, the following will happen:

This system is exactly the same as the one we saw before, adjust the object as you wish.

Let's go with the next option; "
Editing a Graffitti"

You must build a Graffitti first, learn how to do it above, in the build section.

We need to find the Graffiti now:

We will use these options to edit the graffiti, please note, the only thing appearing in these options are graffities, so you don't get confused.

Choose the first option now, this will show up, enter a new text for the Graffiti​
Now choose the second option, and scroll down to the color you wish, in this case Blue:

The result should be something like this:

The two last options are, Deleting a building, which will delete a desired building from your land, or Destroy ALL Buildings, don't think I need to explain much about it, be careful!

4. Miscellaneous.
There are 3 options that do not need much explanation:

Use the command "/sellmyland" to sell your land (Duh!)

Use the command "
/buyland" to Buy a land.

Use the command "
/mylands" to see your lands.

Use the option:

To give permanent/temporal or total/partial land permissions to other players which might be your friends or some random land builders.

EDIT: Updated, January 2017.

Thanks @Jacob_Einstein for letting me use his land and also thanks @Chiko for letting me dit this guide.
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