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Apr 28, 2017
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if you perma banned from Law less role play and want to open new page

what should you do ?​


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Apr 28, 2016
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"This guide will explain the frequently asked questions for players creating and involved in ban appeals to clarify all issues.

Q.1: When should I create a Ban appeal?
A.1: You should create a Ban appeal when you have been banned from the following; Teamspeak, SA:MP or the Forums.

Q.2: If I have been forum banned, how should I post an appeal?
A.2: You may have a friend or another player post your appeal for you.

Q.3: What should I include in my Ban appeal?
A.3: You should include as much detail as possible, such as; Involved players/admins, why you were banned,your IP and if possible Ban Screenshot.

Q.4: When will I be unbanned?
A.4: Ban appealer will soon respond to your Ban appeal, you may be unbanned immediately, or possibly temporarily or even permanently banned.It depends on what you've done.

Q.5: Why would I be temporarily Banned?
A.5: You would be temporarily banned if you have been banned for using illegal modifications or hacks that gives you unfair advantage over other players,aswell as for destructive behavior,scamming,etc.

Q.6: How long does a temporary ban last?
A.6: Read Q.5, in other cases it depends on what you have done.

Q.7: Why would I be Permanently Banned?
A.7: The permanent ban doesn't exist here for simple offences. Only the management team can consider a permanent ban.

Q.8: What if I have been banned by a bug?
A.8: We ask that you post an appeal, and explain you were wrongly banned. We will check our logs to see if you were banned by a bug, and we will respond accoringly. Remember: do not log in your alternative account(s).

Q.9: My account is banned and I can't login to my alternative accounts?
A.9: It's because your IP gets banned when any of your accounts gets banned. We recommend you not to ban evade by changing your IP and post a ban appeal, ban evading may cause a permanently ban.

Q.10: I don't know which Admin banned me?
A.10: In your ban appeal, where the name of administrator who banned you supposed to be , input one of the following "I don't know/Don't know/Forgot" .

Q.11: I don't know why I was banned?
A.11: Explain this in your ban appeal, and we will look into the reason and respond.

Q.12: I share IP with another player and they have been banned, will I also be banned?
A.12: Yes, read Q.9.

Q.13: I have been permanently banned but I learned from my mistakes and want to be unbanned, what to do?
A.13: You may submit another ban appeal and tag by using "@" function current head of ban appeals or his assistant.In the appeal you must describe why should you get another chance and what will you do diffrent this time(Note: We will also look into your record of ban history,honesty in your appeal and general behavior in the appeal itself).When submiting a ban appeal whilst being permanently banned,be honest as you can,explanation should be quite long aswell.

Q.14: I have posted an appeal and no one responded, should I post new one?
A.14: No, just post one appeal and wait, the ban appealers will respond as soon as possible. Posting more than one appeal will make all those you've posted deleted(except the original one).(Note if no one responds to your appeal in 24hour period feel free to forum message one of the appealers).Also we would like to ask you kindly to be patient as appealers got stuff to do in their life aswell.Remember that it won't take longer than 24hours for someone to respond on your appeal.

Q.15: Why am I still banned when my ban time is up?
A.15: You must submit a new ban appeal on your unban date to get unbanned.

All credits goes to members below:
Re-created by Immad - with content from Setes , Robin & Conover. "

Keep in mind that if you are permanently banned. You will not be unbanned.




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Oct 24, 2013
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That was properly explained, thank you Chris.
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