Jacob_Santo's Helper Application

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Jun 1, 2013
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Helper Team Application

1. Personal Information

1.1 Full Name:

1.2 Age:

1.3 Timezone:

1.4 Country of residence:

1.5 When did you join the community?:
April 23th, 2013

1.6 From scale of 1 to 10, how are your English grammatical skills?:
8 out of 10

2. Examination Background

2.1 Why would you like to become a Helper?:
I'd like to become a helper because i've missed helping players around the server, I've been away for a while and when returned i saw people still camping the spawn and helping over /newb so i joined them, It will be fun to return to the helper team to give myself a purpose in the server, Other than standing afk in the lobby of the LSPD i can take that time to camp the spawn, accept requests and make sure they'll enjoy the server just like i do.

2.2 Why should we choose you over the other applicants?:
I'm very active, I've been a member of this community for over 5 years and i'm quite experienced with alot of the stuff on the server. I'm mature and i have the patience to help people even if they've got issues with their english, or anything else. I've also been a helper manager.

2.3 :

3. Background Check

3.1 Biography:
Jacob Santo is a 20 year old student from Los Santos universital, He lived with his parents Lilly and Jake in a lovely home on grove street, jacob's parents were opposites, His father was a criminal who worked under king pin' in the grove street family. Jacob's mother is a medical unit working for the county general hospital. On jacob's 20th birthday he invited all of his friends but none arrived, Jacob was frightnend they forgot about him and felt like nobody cared for him anymore, So his father brought some of his hood friends into the fold to help out, They came to the party and it did not scare Jacob, He was excited that people arrived even when he knew they were gangsters. They did drugs, Drank alot of beer and fought a lot but Jacob did not bother, Untill one of them started offering him a job, To come work for the homies and earn a lot of dollars. Jacob did not want to get dragged into the gangster live and decided to find a room somewhere else within the city to continue his career of becomming a helping hand of the community of Los Santos, Now a days Jacob will be sitting by the airport, welcomming the new people from all over the country, and giving them a tour around the city to ensure they'll enjoy their stay.

3.2 Security Information (/stats):

3.3 Show a screenshot of your (/punlist):

3.4 Activity Status (How active are you in hours)?:
I play around 5 - 8 hours a day, This will shift in between times due to me moving soon and i've recently purchased a movie card which allows me to go to the movies so i'm not online that often around the later hours.

3.5 Past Name(s):
(I've got over 10+ previous names, These are the onces i can remember)

3.6 Do you have any experience (Roleplay):
LSFMD - Commissioner - 2017
SANEWS - Producer - 2017
LSPD - Captain - 2017
LSPD - Deputy chief - 2016
Grove Street Families - R6 - 2016
King pin ballas - R5 - (Cannot recall)

I've had many more parts into factions and gangs, But i cannot list them all due to me not remembering most of them, these are the highest i can remember.

4. Administrative Background Check

4.1 Do you have any active DM warnings?:

4.2 Have you ever been DM warned?:
Yes, About longer than a year ago for shooting in casino.

4.3 Have you ever been Admin Jailed?:
Yes, I was prisoned in october for entering casino to avoid death and shooting inside casino around. before this i cannot seem to find on my punlist.

4.4 Have you been Admin jailed / warned in the past month?:
No, I have not.

4.5 Have you ever been banned?:
Been banned a couple years ago for scamming another player which was resolved in a week later, After that i've been banned for falsely accusations but they were all resolved into my favor.

4.6 Have you ever been a helper before?:
Yes, I've been junior / senior helper under chiko saint and after that i became admin i went for assistant helper manager which quite quickly turned into helper manager.

5. Contract Agreement

- Remain professional at all times. Being a helper means being a rolemodel for the rest of the players.
- Remain active and assistant whenever you can around the map, do not ignore players that ask for your help (newbie chat is your last duty, it begins with helping around first).
- Camp newbie spawn whenever you have some free time. Make sure there is at least 1 helper at all times.
- Never rulebreak. The slightest rulebreak will lead you to an immediate removal.
- Do not leak anything from the private helper section on the forums and the /c chat. Anything said there, stays there.
- When you see an incoming helpme request, do not accept it as a PM or refer it to the newbie chat. If you can’t find a Senior Helper on /c, accept it as a PM and meet up with the player if necessary (make sure they know to NEVER refer a helpme request to the newbie chat, and focus on giving them to senior helpers).
- Senior Helpers NEVER accept help requests as a PM. Only /accepthelp for private assistance.
- Helpers do not warn abusers over the newbie chat, ignore them and let the admins deal with it (Senior Helpers mute where necessary).
- Do not provide more than 1-2 answers for the same question.
- Agreeing to this contract you confirm to have skype downloaded and working.
- Agreeing to this contract you confirm to have teamspeak downloaded and working.
- Forum name is the same as IG name (or similar).

5.1 Do you agree with these terms & conditions?:

5.2 Do you meet the requirements set?:

5.3 Do you agree that the information provided is accurate and true?:

5.4 Signed:


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Dec 3, 2017
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The greatest man in the world,


James Santo

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Apr 14, 2019
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Player has been doing a great job.

SUPPORTED, Reasons :

Saw him helping over Newbie Chat
Camping at Newbie Spawn


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Jul 10, 2014
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Highly supported applicant. Old shcool & respected player.
Jun 1, 2013
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unsupported, never seen him help
You've ''never'' seen me help or barely? As i'm helping as much as i can,

thank you for your response tho.
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