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Oct 24, 2015
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best legal cleos? ex status indicator etc​

John Wulf

Feb 14, 2016
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As I know then you are only allowed to use one cleo and it is digi hp&armor.


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Apr 27, 2013
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Helper Team - Lawless Roleplay
I've found this on another website it just states some basic examples, as the websites URL contains their server information I won't be able to post it however, copy and pasting still works like a charm.

NOTE*: Credits goes towards the creator, so called "Electron_Flash").
Legal Modifications

1.Weapon Textures - Changes the weapon skin, but other players won't be able to see it !

2.Weapon Sounds - Adds new sound to your weapons, but other players won't be able to hear the new sound !

3.Vehicular Sounds - New sounds for Vehicles, but other players won't be able to hear the new sound !

4.Font editing -Edit/Change Font

5.Weapon Scroll Display editing -Weapon scroll

6.Character Textures (Clothes, skin colour, Hair colour) - Changing your character color,skin,cloth etc but other players wont be able to detect it.

7.Graphical edits that change the appearance of objects but not the opacity or the shape/size, they must stay solid and the same shape. (Trees, Moon, Ground, Walls, Sky, Sand, Water etc..) - But we suggest not to Graphical Edit

8.Crosshair edits (As long as they don't affect the aiming of a gun and the direction in which the bullet leaves the gun. Due to sync this would make you less hittable and thus unfair.)

9.Radar editing. (All this does is change the aerial view through your radar making it easier to distinguish buildings, alleyways, footways, roads etc..) To be fair you could say having this mod gives you a navigational advantage but it is better than the games standard radar and makes the game more enjoyable without changing gameplay much, therefore people should be encouraged to use it.

Illegal Modifications

1.Skin mods that affect the size/shape of your character. This will change your hitbox making you harder to hit. This is also called ped editing which is not allowed.

2.Animation edits (most). These will affect the movement and speed of your character, whether they make you slower or faster they will make the game unbalanced and therefore unfair.

3.Vehicle handling. Will make your vehicle harder/easier to handle and therefore unfair

4.Vehicle models. They will always make your vehicle larger/smaller which can lead to unfair advantages in the event of using a car for cover or driving through areas you would not be able to in the standard vehicle size. (This is a popular used mod and if the model size is not that much different although still slight advantage/disadvantage could be argued the model is still legal) - It dosen't sync with the server however don't use it

5.The modification of .dat or .ipf(I think thats the right file extension?) files. These change vehicle handling, character speed, weapon damage, weapon range, weapon magazine capacity etc, etc, ect.. and lots of other shit, couldn't list it all. These all, in turn, make the game unbalanced.)
6.Graphical edits that change the opacity of walls. If you can see through walls then you can know where your enemy is while he cannot, this is unfair.

7.Modified versions of the game's original auto-aim system. With the games original auto-aim system opposing players have the advantage of being able to back-fire their aiming reticle onto themselves so they get hit with full damage and without a miss from every shot ( >
) removing this makes it harder for players to beat auto-aimers and is removing the game's natural aspects.

8.Weapon Models size. Dramatically increasing the size of weapons especially grenades creates an unfair advantage because a player can become easier to find or in the case of grenades which can be shot away. It will make them easier to shoot away. It will change the direction they travel and will block them and affect where they actually go due to their size. Where a grenade may have gone on the person using normal grenade size could be entirely different on the person's screen using a large grenade size because it cannot maneuver as easily.

9.Laser Mods. They give you an unfair aiming advantage and can make opposing players easier to find/notice where they may have taken you by surprise and buttfucked you quicker than usain bolt stealing a toaster.

10.FPS Limit mods. Limiting the FPS below 20 or beyond 48 (The standard on SAMP) and still having the ability to strafe while shooting will effect people's hitboxes and their sync and therefore unfair.

11.HUD Mods that add a crosshair to the screen (without having to press Aim Button) that shows where you need to aim to hit straight away without having to adjust your aim once you press Aim Button.

12.Mods that allow you to instantly shoot (where you are already aiming with a crosshair added to your HUD) without having to click the aim button. This can seriously unbalance player animations and your characters sync to the server.
-Mods that allow you to play your game in a First Person Shooter camera style, this can also give you aiming advantages and unbalance your character's sync. This dosent sync with the server however don't use it.

If you need anything else please don't hesitate to make another question or send me a private message.
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Best Regards,
[Jazzy Thomax - Assistant Helper Manager]
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