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Jul 7, 2016
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Helper Team - Lawless Roleplay
You might have asked yourself:
-What is Teamspeak?

Teamspeak is a VOIP (Voice over IP) software used to voice talk and chat with your friends.

-Why Lawless has it's own Teamspeak server?
Teamspeak is a great plataform to work over while you are playing SAMP with your friends. It allows you to talk and communicate with other players instead of typing everything in the game chat.

Well, in this short guide you will learn how to install & use teamspeak properly.

First of all, download Teamspeak 3 from the official webpage:

NOTE: Verify if you have 32bits or 64bits Operative System in your computer by doing this:

Go to the HOME button in your windows bar and Right-Click the "Computer" option and click "Properties"

Then, check it by reading the second paragraph (System type):

In my case, my system is 64-Bit and I should download the 64-Bit Teamspeak installer.

After installing Teamspeak3 in your computer, you should run it and this window will be shown:

But now: How do I connect to a server?
You should click the "Connections" option in the Left-Upper side of the window.

Then click the "Connect" option. (Else you can use Ctrl + S)
A little window will be shown and here is where you should write some information:

The first line is for the server ip (

Second One (Alias) is for the name you would like to have once you connect to the server.
Third one is for the password, but lawless server has no password.
Then, click on CONNECT.

Now that you are in, a list of channels and players will be shown:

You can now see that I am connected to the Lobby Channel, and there is a guy called "Menace" in it too.

But now, you want to meet your friends and have a talk, you can switch to any Public channel or else, use your friends/gang private channel:

You just need to double-click to a channel to join in it. (Some channels have a password, ask the owners/gangleaders for it)

Now, you are in a channel and ready to talk and chat!
But now, sometimes you need to go afk or mute the sound from teamspeak, I'll show you how to do it:

This little button over here is to mark yourself Away From Keyboard.

This button allows you to mute your microphone, no one is going to hear you while this is active.

Are you going away or want to listen to your music in peace? Mute Teamspeak with this button.


Now you know how to connect to a teamspeak channel and switch channels.
Now, I'll show you some basic information about your preferences in teamspeak:

You can make your Teamspeak "Push-To-Talk" by clicking that option and set a hotkey. (I'm using "|" that is the button over TAB and under Esc.)

You can also make your Teamspeak run by Continue Transmission by selecting the second option (Everything heard by the microphone will be sent, also your little brothers screams and shouts)

The third option is for Voice Recognition, you can select it and balance it by moving the bar. (The microphone will catch only some frequencies of your envoirment) It is useful if you don't like to push to talk.

But, how do I connect to two different servers in Teamspeak?

You can do that by adding a little code to your teamspeak shortcut:

Right-Click in your teamspeak shortcut and a window will be shown:

Type in the "Target" area, after the "quote" symbol this:

Now, you will be able to manage and talk over two different servers.
Nov 25, 2015
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To connect to another teamspeak server just click, "more" when attempting to connect to a server, and click "In a new tab".

Identities can be imported and exported using CTRL+I (CMD+I on Mac).

You can add bookmarks using CTRL+B, and once you have a server added you can set it to autoconnect when you launch teamspeak.
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