Interview with Director Coleman (Article writer: Ignacio M Einstein)

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Dec 22, 2015
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Today we are heading to the Federal Bureau of Investigation's Head Quarters, where, its new director, Tyrone Coleman received us with a very kind attitude, and he let us ask him some questions about the Bureau and his feelings about it.

1. What is your attitude towards the current agents who are part of the Bureau?

Well, they are great workers, and I like to ensure that I have a good relationship with them, be as approachable possible, be available if they need anything, any questions to ask or whatever the problem.

2. What did you work in before becoming part of the Bureau?

I was employed in the Los Santos Police Department for years, even to the stage that I became the Chief of Police in one occassion.

3. What is your attitude towards your new job? Do you like it?

Well, I really enjoy what I do, you know? The effort to keep crime of the streets of Los Santos is something I've been working in all my life.

4. We've seen that your agents have already delivered some notorious people, which is a very good job but, tell us; What moves them to work so hard to keep LS clean?

I think its personal passion and drive is what moves them to work that hard to keep Los Santos clean.

We really appreciate Director Coleman's time to do this interview, and we wish him good luck on his duty of keeping Los Santos clean.

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