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Feb 28, 2017
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Greetings, you newbie players surfing around the forums! Do you like playing Lawless? Do you want to grow inside this community? Well, this is the right place you arrived to!

Here are some little tips that can make a really big difference, for you inside the community.

Part 1. You just arrived to Lawless Role Play, which is your first Role Play server ever, and you are planning to play and enjoy your stay there. What to do when you just arrived?

Tip.1 Usually there would be Helpers at the Newbie Spawn, where you new Lunatic starts there. He/They would ask you if you need help or a tour around the server, well! Do not hesitate always respond with a big "YES!", because WE are here to help you, and answer your questions. Stupid or not we will do.

Tip.2 You need some cash, because you feel broke, and you need some nice starting car, which job and car would you choose? Here is the answer!
Jobs to choose as a little starter:
1.Fisherman, earn money delivering fish to Los Santos Marina!
2. Miner, A nice respectable money offering job, where you will probably meet your new friends there!, Mine gold for money each paycheck, at every XX:01 hour.
3. Trucker, Well it isn't the best job ever, but with patience it will become one. You'll start with a mediocre 100$ per fun, but wait, level up and get easy money for everything! But what? Not only money! You can get nice and high-end weaponry, from Desert Eagles to County Rifles.
Junk Dealership is always your house as a beginner, you can buy really cheap cars there, after my experience I suggest, Tampa or the old ass Sadler which are really great cars for a beginner, make sure you buy a lock from the 24/7 /nearestbusiness homie!

Tip.3 Avoid having enemies and getting DM'ed by High-Leveled players. And make new friends!
Well, Lawless isn't the best place for you where you can mess around with players and insult them. So here are some tips to grow peacefully, without letting players disturb you from reaching your goal, and without having a lot of problems.

1. Try to do not approach gang members as a new starter, it will usually end really rudely, like getting killed or getting bullied.
2. Always call 9-1-1, if Police assistance is needed, want a proof that we will respond? Here is it. That Level 36 player tried to kill an innocent beginner here is what happened:

3.Do not hesitate, to record players DM'ing you, make sure you record around 5 minutes so you have a solid evidence to Forum Complaint the player who DM'ed you.
4. Do not hesitate to use /helpme if assistance is needed, or /report, make sure to check /reportips.
5. Hmm... Friendship, well you always have friends in the beginning to help you enjoy your stay, Admin team and Helper team are there to help you little panda! But make sure you make new friends In Characterly so they can watch your back, if needed, because Admin team cannot be always involved.
6. Always be quiet, as a little player, do not attract attention and grow up slowly, before you reach a certain level where you can defend yourself, and started learning about how it works.

Tip.4: Questions? (In Character) /newb is the command. To avoid spamming here are some MOST asked questions as a newbie.
Q: Which level is required to join a gang?
A: It depends of the gang leaders Role play with them in characterly, but usually it is level 2+.

Q: Which level I can join LSPD or LSFMD?
A: LSFMD requires level 2, but LSPD requires level 3.

Q: How can I join Hitman Agency or "HMA"
A: Mate, it is handpicked by the Hitman Agency director, and his name is a classified information!

Q: Which level to join FBI, or how to do it.
A: Usually it is level 7 or more, but if you can prove your skills at a lower level , you MAY have a chance of being contacted by the leader.

Q: How much does a newbie can handle money?
A: Uh.. It is 20.000$ as a level 1, and do not try farming them by creating account you may be punished and everything you did will be lost as server detects that automatically.

Tip.4 (Part 2) Questions? (Out Of Character) /newb is your answer again!
What does some Role Play terms mean is a questions really often asked by new players. Here are the Role Play terms you should know, because they can be helpful to you in the future.

IC: In Character everything you do as the character you are playing with, factions, cars, houses.... It is all In Character.

OOC: Out Of Character, it is like the /newb chat /f chat or /g chat, /f stands for Family Chat, and /g for Global chat, and this is not considered as In Character.

MG: Meta Gaming, unfortunately there is not such rule anymore in Lawless Role Play, but interested in it's meaning, so here it is. It is when you mix OOC, and IC things, like "lol" in the In Character chat can be Role Played as /me laughs out loud.

PG: Power gaming, this is when you do something surprisingly without any kind of Role Play. Usually Power Gaming complaints are made against Law Enforcement Officers, (LEO'S) when they arrest, frisk a criminal without a Role Play phrase. For Example, /frisk ID without letting the other player to know. No, it is not allowed it should be like this. /me starts patting the suspects' body, searching in his inner and outer jacket and pants pockets.

Out Of Character questions asked, but not about Role Play terms.

Q: How to become an admin please?
A: Sorry, but you need to start as a helper and MAYBE get hand-picked to become an admin which is a really really demanding thing.
Q: I should be hand-picked from the Helper Team, but... How to become a helper then?!
A: Really easy, apply on the forums there is no required level, help over /newb chat, and Helpers/Helper Managers are always keeping an eye on, so they support, unsupport your efforts so better work had!

Thank you, this is my first guide and may be not the perfection.

Created by Lafayette Stoglin - Junior Helper.

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2. Always call 9-1-1, if Police assistance is needed, want a proof that we will respond? Here is it. That Level 36 player tried to kill an innocent beginner here is what happened:
lol 911 is useless the proof is you killing omar and you ar the cop you may accept that 911 call to chow ppl that its usefull


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Yo keep up slaving guides it worked out for me