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  1. Yuri


    Nov 28, 2013
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    Greetings, fellow players of Lawless Roleplay!

    Today, I will be showing when to use /helpme and /report commands.

    Firstly, we all know that administrators are quite busy handling reports and issues in-game/forums. For example Immad is a ban appealer, therefore he might be tabbing constantly working on ban appeals(focusing on his duties) Amri solves complaints/gang affairs, Franz does donations..etc and thus reporting in-game for simple issues such as ''Hello I'm stuck, tp me'', ''Hey.. I can't find a vehicle send me to Los santos'', ''I'm stuck inside interior''..etc would be redundant, also take into consideration that the ''daily'' amount of reports is almost uncountable.
    • /helpme:
    The Helper Team, whose primary goal is to help new players that joined our server recently. Basically, we have /newb command which allows players to ask questions regarding server/script/commands. /helpme is used to request help regarding directions/visual assistance. For example /helpme ''Hey, when do I receive my paycheck?'' is totally wrong, the appropriate way would be /newb ''Hey, when do I receive my paycheck?''.

    As I said, you can use /helpme when you're in need of visual assistance. Before using /helpme, make sure there is no possibility to find the location on your own, let's take the following situation as an example. A guy wanted to go Materials Pickup 1/2, or he wanted to sign a job but he forgot its location. Using /helpme in that case wouldn't be necessary, because we have /guide command which allows you to find several location rather than questioning helpers. Finding locations through /guide works like the following:
    /guide ==> Weapons ==> Materials pickup 1/2. (A redcheck point would appear on your minimap)

    Moderators, whose primary aim is to help new players as well as facilitating work for administrators. Moderators have access to several tools and commands, they're capable of banning people and punishing rulebreakers via /dm command, furthermore, they're also capable of sending people to Los Santos/fixing their virtualword+interior ..etc.
    You as a player
    ''must'' use /helpme when you're falling/desynced/bugged/adunmute instead of using /report command, as long as we're able to TP you and serving you is our primary function. The Helper Team will send your report to administrators if none of the moderators is available.
    • /report:
    Before using this command, make sure you read /reporttips. (Have a comprehensive view at the server offenses/rules and regulations - http://www.lawlessrp.com/pages/rules/)

    Abusing this command intentionally leads you to a temporarily mute, sometimes it results in a harsh punishment. When you report something make sure you show a bit of maturity and respect, avoid using curse words and do not report ''WHO'' you want, but alternatively, report ''WHAT'' you need.

    The examples below are some erroneous reports:

    Report[42]: Amri
    Report[48]: Amri I need you
    Report[51]: I need Franz asap
    Report[52] Amri flikker, ik moet je nu
    (Using foreign languages isn't permitted.)
    Report[114]: someone dm me
    Report[100]: Please, I lost my cracks mysteriously, I want to recover them back

    Report[116]: Please help! Someone scammed me :(
    Report [118]: Hey give me my donation package, hurry up lazy bastards..
    Report[122]: Give me money pleaaaaaaaaase!!!

    When somebody scams you either in-game or through OOC transactions, the most convenient way to recover your money would be posting a complaint against the accused player - ( http://www.lawlessrp.com/forms/player-complaint.4/respond )

    The best way to report a deathmatcher is to download Fraps program and record the scene in-game, there is another possibility which is using f8 but Fraps program is much better. Download the program from the following link: ( http://www.fraps.com/download.php ) After recording the video upload it on ( http://www.Youtube.com )

    When you see a hacker in-game make sure you quickly use /report in order to ban him indefinitely, we have no tolerance for hackers. If you assist them or use them for own benefits you will get permanently banned too. ( /report Hacker ID [ID of player] )

    The examples below are some acceptable reports:

    Report[42]: Unmute me from advertisements please.
    Report[49]: I saw a hacker, ID 48
    Report[102]: ID 42 dms me constantly, please keep an eye on him.
    Report[115]: I didn't receive paycheck.
    Report[123]: ID 11 is ban evading
    Report[150]: Approve my namechange please.

    One last thing, if you think any of the decisions made by administrators were unfair or incorrect, feel free to fill out the following thread: ( http://www.lawlessrp.com/forms/administrative-complaint.3/respond )

    Thank you for reading!
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  2. Toompert

    Toompert Management

    Nov 6, 2014
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    Very useful guide!

    This should be shown somewhere IG (through a command) since the newest players may not have an forum account (yet).
  3. johnnyboy


    Oct 23, 2014
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    good guide!!

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