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This guide is for those who have low end shitty PCs and laptops and are struggling to get high framerates in GTA:San Andreas (and other video games in general).

It baffles me how some people are not even able to get even 50 frames per second in GTA San Andreas, a game that is over 13 years old!

Question: What is FPS and how does high FPS affect my gameplay?

: FPS stands for 'Frames Per Second'.

Having higher FPS in any video game results in smoother gameplay, there is a big difference between 30 fps gaming versus 60 fps, and 60 fps vs 100 fps and so on.

So the goal of this guide is to get your game running as smoothly as possibly with as high FPS as possible that your computer or laptop is capable of.

Before I start this guide off, let me just say that I have a low-medium end PC that I bought in late 2009 which means my computer is currently 6 years old. I am running on a Intel core 2 Quad @ 2.66 Ghz and a Nvidia GeForce GT 220 graphics card which is a LOW END multimedia graphics card. It is not even a gaming graphics card. But still I am easily able to get between 100 - 200 frames per second in Vanilla GTA San Andreas at 1920 x 1080 (1080p) resolution from the way I have tweaked my computer for best possible performance.

Here is a random screenshot which shows me having over 220 frames per second while inside maze minigame and running my game at 1440x1080 (custom resolution)

This is just so you believe me that shitty computers like mine can still hit high framerates if you configure everything correctly!

So let's get started! Here are the steps ;


One of the main things that drain your framerate are the background programs that you have running while playing , if you have a bad PC and have a bunch of background programs such as web browser, uTorrent, etc open then it will lower your gaming performance.

So to solve this issue, I use

With a simple click , this software closes down all the unnecessary services and programs that consume memory and drain your FPS, with the "BOOST" feature of this software I am able to get 15-30 extra frames when it closes down all my background programs and services. This software also allows you to restore all the temporarily closed applications and services just from pressing "Restore", it only takes a couple of seconds to toggle between BOOST ON and OFF.


Go to Start > Control Panel > System And Security > System

You will come to this page

Click on Advanced System Settings

This will open up a window named 'System Properties'

Go to the 'advanced' tab and click on settings as shown here

Follow the steps as I've plotted out and you're done.


In this step I show two things that you can do to get the best performance out of your Nvidia graphics card and turning off some windows eye candy features to get a FPS boost.

This is only for Nvidia users (but the procedure is similar with ATI graphics card users).

1. Right click desktop
2 Click on Nvidia Control Panel
3. Go to the "Manage 3D Settings" tab.

If you want to get the best performance out of your graphics card, use my settings as they are below in the following screenshots , click 'apply' after everything is done.


Go to Start > Control Panel > Hardware and Sound > Power Options

You will come across this page

Select "High Performance"


People have asked me how I attain framerates over 100, I use a modification for GTA:San Andreas called crashes.asi for this, which unlocks the framerate lock at 90 and makes your framerate go above 100. it also disables some lightning and graphical settings to boost FPS and fixes some framerate drop issues you have when you shoot the ground.

Go to this link and download the crashes-v2.4.exe (977kbs).

Open the .exe, and follow the steps and it will install crashes.asi into your GTA:SA directory.


If you are running on a PC/Laptop which has multiple cores, then you can use this next step to make all your CPU' use all of it's cores.

The way you do is by downloading ParkControl

Go to this link to download

Download it and open it as an administrator, and select "High Performance" from the drop down menu, and click 'select active', and press 'Ok'

This is my configuration below, which unparks all my CPU's cores (4 cores) and makes them active at all times, resulting in higher performance when I'm running games , I got a 40-60 frames boost in CS:GO from using this software and this configuration I found off Reddit.


These are my video settings, it is recommended that you lower your draw distance and resolution if ALL these above tweaks haven't gotten you a satisfying framerate. Lowering the draw distance , visual FX quality and resolution will result in higher framerates.


Use GTA SHRINKER. This software will shrink your game file size and give a massive fps boost. Increased my fps by +30 fps.


>Download low particle effects file.
>Place it in the 'models' folder in your game path.


Use a high fps timesync and modded gta_sa.exe required to run it -
Extract gta_sa.exe to game folder , overwrite when asked
Extract file to 'data' folder in game path, overwrite

There is nothing more I can think of that will increase your FPS in games, this guide is not just got GTA:San Andreas but for every video game out there ,

I am someone who prefers performance over quality when it comes to gaming. If these tweaks didn't increase your frame-rate above at least 60....I have one last step for you (Follow every step of what Ron Swanson does in the below .gif)


1) Download CCleaner and run it regularly to keep your PC clean , this little handy software helps to clean out temporary files and junk in your computer and keeps it running smoothly like a baby's butt

2) Do not install any modifications unless you are okay with a little lower FPS, modifying files in your gta3.img will result in lower framerates, as some high textured modifications (weapon skins, vehicle models) are buggy and will lower your framerate. Take it from me as I have experimented a lot with mods and their impact on performance.

3) Make sure you regularly scan your PC for viruses, malware, etc

I use the below software to keep my PC clean.

Malwarebytes Anti Malware

Avast Free Antivirus 2016

4) Remember to de-fragment your hard drives and update your graphics card and audio drivers as outdated drivers can result in lower FPS.

You can use driver booster to keep ALL your drivers updated to latest.
Driver Booster :

5) If you have multiple display drivers installed incorrectly it can also cause framerate issues. So what I suggest is using this software to completely erase your display drivers and reinstalling them freshly.

Display Driver Uninstaller :

6) VERY IMPORTANT TIP : Make sure you clean INSIDE your PC one a month at least as gathering of dust on CPU, GPU , RAM etc can cause hardware to function poorly and their temperatures would be high, which results in poor performance.


I have heard among many laptop gamers that they get low frame rates, or that the FPS goes low after a while of gaming. Firstly if you have a Low-end non-gaming laptops that was not made for gaming it is expected to have low performance, secondly laptops have overheating problems , therefore when they get heated up during games it results in lower fps and lag spikes.

I am currently using a notepad cooler to keep my laptop running cool, I place the cooler below my laptop and I have noticed that my FPS is a lot stable now and higher than before. Lower hardware temps results in more stable and higher performance.

Previous fps - 45fps - 80 fps (varying, unstable)
Current fps - 85 fps -100 fps (stable)

Buy one of these for your laptop and watch how the lower temps will affect your fps.
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how did u get 230 fps lmfao, the highest i had was 118
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you cant see beyond 60 fps anyway, unless you have the appropriate monitor