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Slym Ochy

Apr 29, 2017
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Q: How i can join a faction ?
A: You will need to apply on forums


Q : How i can apply for LSFMD ?
A : You will need first of all to reach level 2 then you will need to apply at FMD "Recruitment Office" Section :
1 - Make sure you are level 2 they call it citizens from 2 years IC
2- You need to read handbook very well "can be found here"
3- You need to copy correct format of FMD Application "click here"'
4- After that you'll interview IC'ly "And they ask you some IC Questions about the handbook"
5- FMD Always saving patients "injuried"

Q : How i can apply/join LSPD
A : You will need first of all to reach level two, And you should not have a Deathmatch warns or you'll be denied.

1- In Order to join this faction you will need to read handbook very well more than one time because they will ask you more questions about CODES and "RUles" OOC Rules - IC Rules.
2- And you need to copy use correct format in order to get accepted , after that you will be pending interview. this stage, You will not be able to cheat Example calling your friend over sms" because they always know what you are doing "You can find link https://www.lawlessrp.com/forums/los-santos-police-department.210/" cops always chasing robbers making a traffic stop.

Q : How i can join FBI no applcation ?
A : Yeah there's no application because leader made it handpick, You should prove yourself by helping them and contact any high command IC'ly so he will be able to approve-unapprove you.

1- Nowdays FBI work is based on undercover, and they always make casfiles "what's casfile" It's a file like in real life You have to take some screenshots for that IIIegal guy what he's doing and his charges then you post it on forums "so agents will be able to find/chase him and charge him" But first that suspect need to have +7k noto.

Q : How to join The hitman Agency

A: I saw that's everyone wants to join Hitman Agency but they can't because it's a secret faction very classfied.
1- Here guys you should prove your self more you need to be a good shooter and good roleplayer in our server since it's a light roleplay HMA not forced to roleplay killing you "There no application to apply for it you need to be handpicked by leader "or faction management if there's no one leading it"
2- Hitman Agency always can change thier names to do contracts they can get money if they killed a target '"contracted someone"P.S They handpick only "good shooters" So prove yourself at paintball.

Q : How i can join government
A : Government is an admin faction they made it for admins to avoid players abuse EX 'abusing TAX"' Government got some commands to change tax "paycheck" signcheck.

Q : How to join SaNews
A : San news is closed atm because there's leader you can always contact faction management in order to lead it

Q : How to join Army
A : Army is closed by faction management director now , because leader resgined you can always contact faction management if you got leader expreince to lead it.

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