Gruesome Rape Shocks the City

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Sep 25, 2014
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Gruesome Rape Shocks the City
By: Luke Griffin | May 27, 2015

Downtown, Los Santos - At about 1:30 pm our secret CCTV cameras caught a scene that has rocked the moral strength of the community in Los Santos. A disheveled. bearded man, who looked as though he was a vagabond, was caught in our camera, sodomizing and ultimately stabbing a medic in an alley behind the famous Ramcharan Ammunition. The medic in question; Mr Setsuna F Seiei is currently in the Intensive Care Unit in the All Saints Hospital. Police protection has been placed around his ward to ensure his speedy recovery and to prevent all attempts of sabotage.

*Warning: User's discretion advised. The pictures we are going to show you may contain graphic scenes.*

(CCTV footage of the Mr Seiei being sodomised)

(CCTV footage of the how the assailant paid no heed to his pleas and continued with the brutality)

(CCTV footage of the culprit walking over to the now comatose Mr Seiei)

(The man having spotted our camera, starts hurling obscenities at it)

The question that remains in many citizen's of Los Santos minds are that what were the police doing when the crime took place. All medics have a distress beacon and I am sure that Mr Seiei had deployed it inn desperate hope that someone would come to save him. Not only that - the SANews had tried to call the official Police hotline number - 911 but no officer had responded to our crime report. The systematic torture of Mr Seiei lasted for more than one hour, but not a single police officer had been deployed at that time to that location.
One must wonder. what is the stare of the current Police Department? Why didn't they come to save Mr Seiei in time? Does this story get even grislier?

Mr Seiei was a popular leader among the common men in Los Santos. Well respected and a caring man, he was considered a potential rival to the currently exiled Mayor - Barney Phife. A question does pop up - was this an deliberate ploy to silence Mr Seiei forever?

The assailant is currently in the loose. We recommend all civilians to not venture out alone at night or in any alleys what so ever. We also advice our dear medical staff to take care of themselves as this man could be targeting them.

We got an interview with a citizen who wishes to be anonymous.

Luke: What are your comments about the gruesome rape that happened yesterday?
Anonymous: It's awful! That crazy hobo bearded man is still out. I fear for my two daughters and only son now!
Luke: Do you think that the government had any role in this?
Anonymous: Yes! That must be the reason the police didn't help our good man Mr Seiei
Luke: So you think there is some sort of political game behind this?
Anonymous: You bet'cha! Politics is a pile of s***. All of those chickens want to save their f****** seats. Cowards I tell you! Cowards!

After this the man started frothing out some gibberish and we were unavailable to continue with the interview

We urge the people of Los Santos to pray for Mr Seiei's speedy recovery. If anyone would like to donate for a noble cause in helping cover Mr Seie's medical bill, he/she may do so by contacting our office hotline number - (555)-2932 ((100181))

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