Official Guide Gang wars & Alliances.

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May 22, 2016
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Helper Team, Lawless Roleplay.
Hey there!

In the helper team, we've noticed that some new players keep asking about the gang wars and alliances, what can they do and not do? Here we will try to explain it in detail so it helps this new players.

1. Introduction.
First of all, we need to know this:
What is a gang war?
A gang war is produced when two gangs decide that they have many ideological differences, and so, they decide to war between each other.
What is a gang alliance?
A gang alliance is produced when two gangs decide that they have common interests, and so, they decide to help each other, capturing turfs etc.

Let's explain them in detail now:

2. Gang wars.
A gang can declare the war to other one, but the other one MUST know that the first one has declared war to them, and so, they should warn their members by editing the Family MOTD, it is recommended that the leaders take evidence of this. A gang CAN'T war factions, they must create a war with other gangs.

When a gang declares war to another, those gang members can KOS each others
IF they got their bandana on, and, to kill them, you MUST have your bandana on too. If a member of a gang that you are warring sees your bandana on and then you tog it off, he is allowed to kill you, he had an IC reason, which is that he knows that you are part of the gang which he is warring.

If you kill a member of an enemy gang with his bandana off, you'll probably get DM warned.

If a gang caps a turf, you must stop shooting other gang members inside the turf because it's over.

3. Gang alliances.
A gang can ally with other one if they agree. It is very recommendable that you get evidence of the alliance for Complaint purposes. A gang CAN'T ally with a faction, they can only create an alliance with other gangs.

When a gang makes an alliance with other one, they can attend turfs together and say who will capture it, check more information about turfs
here. The allied gangs can help each other with their wars and help other members in fights.

The gangs must have a consense of what turfs is each gang capturing, so a member of the alliance can get all the turfs a week, then the next week the other one takes the turfs... Just make it as you like.

To check more about Gang Wars and Alliances, check the rules
here (See: Gang rules.).


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Jun 9, 2016
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Another nice guide, keep it up.
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