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Mar 1, 2017
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As a beginner or a new comer member, Lawless Community welcomes you on board. We are trying our best to support the new comer members as much as possible. Giving them their freedom to interact, hospitality and a warm welcome. As we all know every community has it's own rules and regulations to be followed. Therefore, I would like to mention that Lawless Role-play Community has been well-designed and sustained by there rules which is mentioned over Here. As you can see it's easy to follow them. Furthermore, after you have read our rules let's start our tutorial.

A role-playing game is game in which players assume roles of fictional characters; players take responsibility for acting out those roles. Being GTA San Andreas an open world game is able to deliver a realistic environment where players can roam freely through the virtual world and choose who to interact with.

In most of the RP servers available today you start off as an ordinary person and you can do a variety of jobs to make a living (either legal or Illegal); you’ll also be able to join criminal groups or make your own. Now if what you want is to serve and protect fellow citizens, you can always send your application to any of the law enforcement agencies operating in town.


In Character (IC): It means while role-playing your character.

Out Of Character (OOC): It means you’re not role-playing your character; you are talking or acting as yourself; not your character.

Metagaming (MG): It means using OOC information In Character; for example you see someone’s name tag and call him/her by his/her name without really knowing it in character; maybe you have met the person OOC, then you see him IC and call him by his IC name. This is wrong, like in real life if you want to know someone’s name you should go and ask.

Powergaming (PG): Forcing somebody to role-play without giving a chance to react; or doing things that are not humanly possible. Lifting a car or decapitating someone from a single punch.

Deathmatching (DM): Killing without a valid reason or killing for fun.

Refusing to Role Play: Exiting the game to avoid role play, death or arrest.

These basic rules are necessary to ensure a realistic and fair game play.

We will be talking here about how to pass with success through your registration process. It's quite easy to follow as I will be explaining every step and what shall you do in this case if you didn't know what to do.
As we are claiming to train our new comers how to be professional role-player in the future. You will be going through 8 steps. So please let's show you how our procedures going to work.

1st : You have to choose a role play name character, What does role play name character mean ? It means that your name must contain of a Surname and a Last name for example. Rengar_Criss

2nd step: After connecting to the server, The server will ask you to enter your password. Make sure of every password you type in case if you forgot. Check the Caps lock if it's on or off.

3rd step: The server will ask you what is your age. No need to enter your real age since we are dealing In-Character details. Nothing more or less. Randomly enter your preferred age.

4th step: Lawless Role-play community giving you a warm welcome. Here it's summarized explanation of Lawless Roleplay community.

5th step: As we all know there will be factions, which consists of Fire & Medical Department (FMD), Los Santos Police Department (LS-PD), Federal Bureau Investigation (FBI), National Army (Army). You can join these factions whenever you meet you the requirement.

6th step: As we got factions, we got gangs too. There mission is to capture turfs. Aside of that, We will be having lot's of gang wars which will be interested of joining one of them. You will be making lot's of friends over here.

7th step: As we mentioned above, Rules rules rules. This is the most important purpose which must be followed. As you can see here it's well-explained and easy to memorize. Therefore, I would highly recommend to read the original topic which I just mentioned above.

8th step: As we all know, There will be hackers and rule-breakers everywhere. Once you feel that your game is getting ruined by rule-breakers and hackers. You may use the /report and administrators will take action from there.

9th step and the last : Here is the full explained rules of in-game server. You may take your time reading them. It's easy and fun to know them.

As a beginner, I would highly recommend you to work as Miner and fisherman. It will give you a lot of money where you can start your career in Lawless Community. So let me give you the full explanation.
Some of you will ask where can we find this type of job in map and how to work ? I would gladly like to say that no worries of that since I will be detailing it with pictures and illustrating it for you.

As enrolling out by being a Miner then I suggest you to check this thread over Here since it's well-explained.

Yes paychecks, It's well-designed system which tracks your money and your activity by the end of each hour in game timezone. The legal jobs you work at will be delivered to your paychecks. For more information check this topic over Here since it's well-explained by the player.

As we noticed, new-comer players are struggling on how to use the specific command or what is the point of using it. I will be today showing you a perfect thread made by me on how to use the command at the specific time and what's the usage of it. Please click over Here

We found too many questions on how to get my account leveled up. By this explanation I will be able to show you how the procedure will work and what are the specific requirements to do so as no one explained that before. So let's quick start and summarize it for you.

We have 2 domain steps in order to get leveled up. As you can see here this is my /stats (Passport).
I currently have in my Experience is 0/8. How to get the experience ? By every paycheck you sign, you get a 1 experience. So in order to go to level 2 you need to sign 8 paychecks. And as I stated what do paycheck means. So once you signed the 8 paychecks which will be your experience showed up as 8/8, In this case you have to use /buylevel. Make sure that you will be having money for using /Buylevel. How much do I need to buy the level then ? You can see it from your /stats (Next level cost) which is straight beside the Experience slot. Afterwards, When you leveled up your account you will receive 2 upgrade points automatically.

What does upgrade points actually do ? Are they useful ?. We all know that after you level up you will be receiving upgrade points. And these upgrade points will make you more powerful since you are stacking these upgrade points on your account. For more explanation please check this link over Here

And this how we ends. Congratulations you have became a Professional player now. These are the basics you should be learning and you have achieved in it. I hope we made our points clearly enough and to understand how our role-play system works. Lawless Community appreciate your hard-work and your given time to this section. If you need anything you may contact any admin in game or you could personal message me and I will be glad to serve you.​

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Another amazing guide, good work.

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I completely adore the layout and the organisation as much as I appreciate the detailed clear pieces of information. Really good work mate! Thumbs up.