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Dec 5, 2013
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Today, I managed to contact a couple of individuals who pretend to have been hunted by hitmen. They are passionately claiming that the Hitman Agency is by far not a myth, and that people need to open their eyes and be aware of the hitman danger in-town. Nevertheless, these are just two individuals. In reality, an alarming number of people claim to have experienced hitman issues.

Jeyo Kush, currently affiliated with the Idlewood Crips claims to have been been brutally raped by hitmen after getting contracted for having sexual relationships with several married women.

Bennett Henning: What is your name?
Jeyo Kush: Jeyo Kush
Bennett Henning: Have you ever had problems with a hitman?
Jeyo Kush: Ye', they follow my ass all the time

Bennett Henning: Are you sure those are real hitmen?
Jeyo Kush: Pretty sure

Bennett Henning: Have you been contracted, or...?
Jeyo Kush: Ye', at this point I got a $500.000 contract on me. But I fucked moms in the past and got contracted. Those hitmen had big knives, longer than my 9 inches mutton dagger.

Johny X Robinson, former Police Officer and currently suspected of gang affiliation claims to have been very close of being killed by a group of hitmen. To this day, the reason remains unknown.

Bennett Henning: Tell me your name
Johny X Robinson: Johny X Robinson
Bennett Henning: You're saying you were hunted by a hitman, how much time ago was that?
Johny X Robinson: One year ago
Bennett Henning: What makes you think he was a real hitman?
Johny X Robinson: There were many, not just one. They had some weird kind of weapons, with symbols on them. I knew they were approaching me, and since I was a cop at that time, I called backup.
Bennett Henning: Did they do anything to you?
Johny X Robinson: They shot me in the leg but in the next moment a lot of officers arrived at the place. They followed the hitmen but lost their track.

What's the point of this article?
It's just a conspirative theory, but we should always recall what people claim to be true. The government dismisses the Hitman Agency to be a fact, but what do we know about the government either?

Bennett Henning
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Vaas Axe

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Sep 1, 2013
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Another good article. Well done mate!

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