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Apr 11, 2013
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The third year of the storm

When we opened Lawless Roleplay 3 years ago, we sailed the storm to create a community that was built on a solid foundation. The foundation consisted of a staff team that worked for the players to constitute a community made by the players, for the players. This foundation has resonated throughout SA-MP and we have set the gold standard.

Exactly 1,093 days ago - on the 19th April 2013 - myself, @Shock and @Leiionidas opened the gates to the server. We set out a mission statement and promised to always abide by it. We were congratulated by having over 150 players online in our first 24 hours which was contaminated with technical issues until the 22nd April 2013. This past year, we've had numerous server updates, a new admin structure, new admin departments, welcomed @Toompert into the management team, tons of events, a christmas to remember, moved from lag shooting to sync shooting and we've responded to all suggestions and bugs in a timely manner. As we go into our 3rd year of operating, we have decided with the community to dedicate this year to creating fantastic new unique features, new toolboxes for players to use to create more fun gameplay, better support, an administrative team that is always there, a better service and most importantly more fun. This is a big promise however we are dedicated to accomplish this and require your trust and guidance.

It has been a marvelous 3 years filled with emotions, fun, excitement and addiction. We have witnessed enemies fight a lot, new friendships, gangs be formed, leaders be born, rules be broken, hackers be banned, materials be ran, trucks be delivered, miners mine, drugs be smuggled, shotguns be refunded, people tazed, turfs be won, events be lost, factions go up and factions go down. We have laughed, smiled, yelled, hated, loved and fought but above all we did what we came to do: We had fun, and the fun is only starting.

We have over 2,752,518 logins, 3,543,365 connections, 232,270 registrations, 23,567 hours of uptime, 22,675 hackers auto banned, 65,579 forum threads, 467,508 forum posts and 13,830 forum accounts at time of this post.

Thank you. You have supported us over the year above and beyond what I could imagine or want - we really appreciate it. Without your consistent feedback, guidance and loyalty - we would not be where we are today. You've always been here for us and we continue to enjoy and extend our relationship with you and hopefully create many more in this upcoming year.

So, here's to you Lawless Roleplay.... Happy Birthday!

Our mission statement to you...
Lawless Roleplay is, and always, will be a community first and a game server second. We are dedicated to fostering an environment with a member-centric approach where all players have equal potential for in game success and community recognition.

Why play here?
Lawless Roleplay was originally founded on the principle that all players should rise or decline based on the actions of the person behind the player. We feel that success should be determined by a players actions and talents and not the whim of an administrative team. We have great code. We have great staff. We have great players. But most importantly we have a vigilant regard for your potential.

Is this a roleplay server?
We have worked to provide many in game tools for roleplay and it is absolutely encouraged however not required. We feel that any preferred mode of play that does not encroach on any other player’s enjoyment of the game is productive. Due to the harsh nature of game mode frequent player versus player violent interaction should be expected. However, this does not mean that players are allowed to kill other players for no reason.

Update v1.0.19 Overview

When you have a code as complex as ours with over 110,500 lines, there are many functions, levers and gears. And at any of these points, an issue can arise and disrupt a player's gameplay. We have laid the code flat and have reviewed engagement tunnels for potential issues. More importantly, we have adapted our code and genetics to use modern efficient systems which require less CPU, faster processing and less memory.

Check the list below to see what we've done to improve your experience!

Our last global pardon was done on the 1st January 2015. As we move into our third year of operations, it is time to welcome back our lost friends and foes to the server. However, we have been receiving feedback regarding this choice. Some feel that those excluded from the community should not be welcomed back. We have reviewed this feedback and came to the conclusion that, while we respect your opinion on building a stable foundation, we must all be reminded that we are playing a video game. We encourage fun and want everyone to have chances at being good citizens of Lawless Roleplay. We need to give people second chances and in the end of the day, we are all human and make mistakes. As a precaution, we have deleted all accounts which have been not used since 1st Jan 2015 (407 accounts) and all banned accounts not used since 4th April 2015 (6,708).

As of this update, we have wiped all bans from the server. They do not need to appeal. They just need to log in! Tell your friends and foes!! Let's have some more fun together...

It's been a fantastic year for us so let us repay your hard work and committment with DOUBLE XP weekend. Let us welcome back our old friends and foes and give them a boost back into the wild life.

Double XP will be running from FRIDAY MIDNIGHT GMT+1 to SUNDAY MIDNIGHT GMT+1.

Be sure to check out our other events such as this one and this one.

Update logs

The list below are raw change logs and are often not coherent.

Bug Fixes
- Fixed a rare bug where the server time would freeze
- Fixed a rare bug where the siren would not turn on
- Fixed a bug which prevented server side night time
- Fixed a bug which caused flashing lights on cop cars to spread to other vehicles
- Fixed a bug which caused weed plants to auto-destroy when logging off
- Fixed a minor bug with faction turf win messages
- Fixed a COCK bug with detecting illegal drive-bys
- Fixed a bug which allowed you to switch to your fists when DDB (http://lawlessrp.com/threads/sa-mp-switching-guns-bug.77598/)
- Fixed a typo with /dmg
- Fixed a minor weaponid bug with /dmg display
- Fixed a bug with cuff picklock
- Fixed a major bug in the temp ban system which would not unban players if their IP changed
- Fixed a minor bug with /oban
- Fixed a bug with anims when purchasing food
- Fixed a bug with not gaining hp when eating food
- Fixed a few bugs with turfs
- Fixed a global intention fail on floats
- Fixed a bug where invalid command message would not appear
- Fixed 22 typos of 'sucessfully'
- Fixed a minor issue with /odm
- Fixed a issue where /odm would not save
- Fixed a typo with /dropgun
- Fixed a bug where the invalid command message wouldn't come up for invalid commands
- Fixed an issue where on-duty admins who had donator status could not use /duel
- Fixed a typo from /grabgun in events (http://lawlessrp.com/threads/sa-mp-string-bug-fbi-event.73739/)
- You no longer can use /gate whilst in events, cuffed, arrested or in jail (http://lawlessrp.com/threads/sa-mp-string-bug-fbi-event.73739/)
- Fixed '181.fm - Awesome 80's' radio station (http://lawlessrp.com/threads/sa-mp-radio-181-fm-awesome-80s.73988/)
- Fixed a bug where running suspects would auto become MW when in prison (http://lawlessrp.com/threads/sa-mp-ic-jail-bug.74016/)
- Fixed a bug with /deploycade (http://lawlessrp.com/threads/sa-mp-cant-deploy-cades.73401/)
- Fixed a bug where online players would bug out /odm, /oclearflag, /ofine, /olistpnamechanges, /opfine, /osetadmin, /ogiverank, /helpme and /buy
- Updated /odm to work just like /dm (http://lawlessrp.com/threads/sa-mp-odms-bugged.74731/)
- /odm now removes player's armour and weapons also
- /removedm (GA+ command) removes only 25 hours of a DM warning (http://lawlessrp.com/threads/sa-mp-dm-removal.74730/)
- Fixed a bug with /duel (http://lawlessrp.com/threads/sa-mp-rose-donator-duel.74969/)
- Added new /tod command to show the time of the server
- Added new /settime command for ast. management
- Updated /fixes and /changes
- Updated login music
- Added new big ear system for general admins and above to see all whispers and sms messages
- Shooting too fast with shotguns can burn your hands or break the shotgun
- Improved anti-ddos and bot detection COCK modules
- Added connection spam system (players can only connect once every 2 seconds - player is banned for 1 minute)
- Added temp ban for bad rcon trys (1 minute)
- Decreased amount of stock received on drug runs (6 for pot, 5 for crack, 4 for chemicals)
- Changed /plantseeds message to alert the player of fertilisers (if never used before) and /checkweed
- Increased fish job prices significantly
- Doubled police turf pay bonus to $600 per turf per hour
- Police taking over crack lab, drug house or chemical lab now resets the turf in question's supply
- Added function to automatically change numbers into commas seperated
- Changed 802 instances of $ into divided comma numbers
- Increase damage logs for administrators to 20
- Can now detect every type of damage (including punches)
- Added confirmation messages to /quitfaction, /quitgang, /quitjob
- The ban system now takes into consideration of player's name and IP when unbanning playing (No more unbanned accounts with IPs still banned)
- Added saving and loading of disabled account values
- Auto kick when account is disabled/ locked
- Added new /pdisable for SA+ which works both for online and offline players
- Added new /pundisable for SA+ which undisables player accounts
- Added acronym for np, thx and thnx
- Added packet loss info back to /pinfo for admins
- If a turf goes into extra time then the vulnerability time will deduct the extra time (ie. Turf A takes 2 hours to capture, Turf A will be vulnerable in 21 hours (due to extra time) instead of default 23 hours)
- Decreased radius around /shutdown and /claimturf (http://lawlessrp.com/threads/sa-mp-eb-exploitable-capture.77050/)
- Adjusted system packet loss readings
- Removed packet loss from /pinfo
- Removed packet loss detector from /claimturf, /shutdown
- Removed all anticheck packet loss detection
- Adjusted exploited shots COCK module
- Adjusted health/ armor/ god mode hack COCK module to be more accurate
- Adjusted rifle damage
- Adjusted the SetPlayerHealth internal ALS function
- Removed /netstats due to in-correct output (best to hold F5 IG)
- Moved /snetstats to GA command
- Removed all cases of 'bought' to 'purchased'
- You can now get up to 130 health in restaurants, burgershot, cluckinbell and pizza stack based on your pain perk level
- If you have too much food then you will vomit and lose health
- Re-scripted GPS textdraw
- Added a five second timer to /relog to prevent exploiting of roll-back bug
- You cannot use commands or dialogs until you have relogged back in
- This excludes the login/ register dialog
- Removed a parachute spawn point (middle of the sky)
- Added 8 new vehicles to All Saints Hospital
- Moved All Saints Helicopter /deliverpt location to be inbetween both helicopters
- Added 3 new vehicles to County General Hospital
- Adjusted the slip off surfing vehicle mechanism
- Added debug to weapon shotting to detect possible false detections/ bugs
- Added new ninja-jack detection
- Rescripted /car to be more efficient
- Converted commands to y_commands
- Converted commands to proper alt functions
- Removed unnecessary includes
- Moved whirlpool to proper include
- Folder organisation
- YSI fixes
- Added beta server config
- Added new : p, huh, idk, idc, rip, ik acronyms
- Increased business slots by 100
- Added /dropcar for /sellcar and /toggang for /togfam
- Adjusted first DM warning to give 2 hours weapons restriction and to expire after 20 hours
- All other DM warnings now expire after 50 hours (can add-up from previous DM warnings)
- Increased the distance to where EMS checkpoints detect interiors
- Added some new map fixes
- Updated anims.pwn to be YCMD compatible
- Updated the streamer plugin to v2.8
Added ability to stream items only in specified areas by using an "areaid" parameter in the item creation natives
Added Streamer_(Get/Set)TypePriority
Reduced number of RPCs used when streaming objects
Fixed bug with OnPlayer(Enter/Leave)DynamicArea and OnDynamicObjectMoved
Fixed bug with GetPlayerDynamicAreas/GetDynamicAreasForPoint
- Updated the MySQL plugin to R39-5
bug-fix: mysql_format formats special negative floats with precision wrong (issue #90)
bug-fix: query result processing is skipped on ORM-generated queries when no callback is specified (issue #80)
bug-fix: plugin crashes on rare occasions when an internal MySQL query result row is copied (possibly issue #57, #73)
minor fix in orm_delete
queries generated by the ORM system are now printed as debug information
Update v1.0.23 Released on 16th April 2016
- Fixed a bug with /unban not properly working (would unban IP but won't unban account)
- Fixed several weapon bugs that prevented certain type of weapons from doing damage
- Fixed a bug with command error that allowed certain type of players to use commands before logged in
- Fixed a bug with sirens/ flashing lights attaching to the wrong vehicles
- Fixed multiple typos and string bind issues
- Changed all instances of materials to have commas
- Changed all instances of turf stock for pot, crack and chemicals to have commas
- Changed all instances of pot to have commas
- Updated /ocheck to have commas
- Fixed a bug with /quitjob
- Fixed a bug with /dmg not showing who attacked who
- Fixed a typo bug when you sell your car to someone else
- Fixed a rare bug with command return error
- Fixed a bug with turfs losing their capture ability
- Fixed a bug with /checkbusiness
- Fixed a bug with /car trunk and /searchcar
- Fixed a bug where the system would think passengers could ninja jack
- Increased Anti-DDoS/ Bot attack protection further via script
Update v1.0.26 Released on 18th April 2016
- Fixed a bug with /ocheck
- Connection logging and connection editions to detect and deter SA-MP connection exploits
- New anti-flood system adds 2 second connection delay
- Fixed a bug with /pinfo
- Added protection against bots that try to enter invalid vehicles
- Fixed a bug with UCP global chat
Update v1.0.34 Released on 21st April 2016
- Fixed a typo with helper messages
- Injured or hospitalised people cannot do damage to other players
- Added house exterior interior and virtual world editing, saving, loading
- Ajusted all house properties (commands etc) to double check your house exterior and interior
- Adjusted bot attack security module
- Updated /trunkbalance, /safebalance, /hbalance to have commas in the numbers
- Fixed a string length error with /hbalance
- Fixed a bug where you could not /setstat phone number to 0
- Fixed a bug with /watch, /car not showing the options you have
- Fixed a typo in admin report commands
- Changed BLS warning to one line
- Rescripted /ad to be more script friendly
- Added new /advertisements (/ads) to show the last 10 adverts made on the server (including name + phone number)
- Administators (GA+) now have /clearads which deletes the advertisements
- Added new 3d text & 'i' pickup icon inside advertisement stores
- Fixed a typo in /watch
- Fixed a bug with playing hours, mats, pot, chemicals, crack in /ocheck
- Fixed a bug with mats in /check and /stats
- AK-47 damage has been increased to 14-18 dmg compared to M4's 8-12 dmg
- Deagle damage has been increased to 55 max (minimum says the same - now the most powerful weapon)
Update v1.0.40 Released on 26th April 2016
- Fixed a bug with gang restricted doors
- Updated country radio (http://lawlessrp.com/threads/sa-mp-outdated-radio-station.78593/)
- Fixed a typo in /robbank (http://lawlessrp.com/threads/sa-mp-typo-in-robbank.78668/)
- Fixed a bug where new accounts would have the previous ID owner's dice (http://lawlessrp.com/threads/sa-mp-newbie-dice-bug.78645/)
- Fixed a bug with /service mechanic (http://lawlessrp.com/threads/sa-mp-service-mechanic-bug.78642/)
- Fixed a bug where /storegun or other commands would not remove the weapon holster toy from the player (http://lawlessrp.com/threads/sa-mp-bugged-gun.78622/)
- Fixed a minor bug with /makeleader
- Increased player slots to 250 (we hit 200 players 3 times in a week!)
- Fixed a bug where some bans would use usernames with underscore and some types wouldn't
- Global chat is automatically disabled on server restart (admins can enable it when desired but they must moderate it while they're on, when off, they must disable it)
- Cops can now shut down the Fossil Fuel Company
- Adjusted crasher type 2 detection COCK ban
- Added player location to /members for both gangs and factions
- If the player is in an unknown location, interior or virtual world, it will be reported as unknown location on /members
- Adjusted player connection logging
- Added disabled account check on /ocheck
- Fixed a minor error with /robbank
- Fixed an issue with /car window
- /banip has been moved to a senior admin command
- Fixed a bug with AddIPBan function
Update v1.0.48 Released on 4th May 2016
- Fixed a weapon exploit
- Adjusted weapon swap detection
- Fixed an exploit with the forklift driver job
- Fixed an exploit with the scuba diver job
- Fixed an exploit with the drug smuggler job
- Adjusted drug smuggler pay
- If you have played for less than 8 hours then you can do any job with no time limit
- Daisy New Perk: Change jobs every 60 minutes
- Rose New Perk: Change jobs every 30 minutes
- Ivy New Perk: Change jobs every 15 minutes
- Admins can now adjust player's job timers via /setstat
- Fixed a bug with /car
- Fixed a bug with automatic VPN kick messages for administrators
- You cannot detonate/ plant a bomb whilst injured, hospitalised, in paintball or event
- Vehicle name is now yellow after use of /sellmycar
- Players can only have one active vehicle transaction open
- Fixed a minor bug with scuba diving
- Fixed a typo on /join & /sellmycar
- Fixed a bug with the ninja jack detection
- Eachtime an administrator replies to a report, it gives the player 2 minutes to respond before closing the report
- Changed boombox object
- Fixed a mysql vulnerability (since 2013!!!!)
Update v1.0.56 Released on 20th May 2016
- Updated /animhelp, /carhelp, /gangs, /househelp, /information, /licenses, /toyhelp & /setradio
- Added shortcuts such as /anims for /animhelp
- Fixed an exploit with /bandana
- Fixed a bug where swapping weapons would false trigger rapid bullet hack warnings/ hot shotgun warnings
- Fixed a bug with restaurant food not helping you gain more health
- Fixed a bug with MP5 rapid shooting detection
- Fixed a bug with speed hack warnings when players tab out
- Fixed a bug with scuba dive teleport hack detection
- Fixed a few exploits with forklift job
- Removed army night vision/ thermal goggles
- Enabled /newb to be extra long text
- Added new /shots command for admins
Update v1.0.63 Released on 6th June 2016
- Fixed a bug with /anims
- Updated development script
- Rescripted /mybusiness to show up to 31 businesses
- Added new general admin command /pbusiness to show a player's businesses
- You need 2 playing hours to post an advertisement
- Fixed a bug with /ocreatepvehicle logs
- Changed vehicle radio message to be more modern
- Changed /newb string
- On duty admins cannot get the too exhausted effect and if on duty admins damage a player, they will not be exhausted either
- Fixed a critical exploit
- Fixed server slots to 250
I would like to take this opportunity to personally thank all the beta testers, senior players, helpers, administrators, mappers, developers and everyone involved with this update. They have worked extremely hard on this update.

On a further note, I would like to thank the entire community for their support and love over the past 3 years. Thank you.
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May i just say LRP was much better back in the day...It's like u did more harm than good just saying but who am I ehh
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Adjusted rifle damage, >.<


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ima be honest shity update, was waiting for such things like /fbackup or at least comma symbols like mats - 2,00,00
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