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Apr 11, 2013
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We love being social at Lawless Roleplay especially when it is connecting with members of the community! We really love announcing events, server updates, the latest community news and most importantly holding competitions. We have held over 1,000 competitions exclusively just on our social network pages with prizes ranging from the very best lunatic pack to MP3 players and more.

We spread this love by being apart of multiple social networks to try and really connect with our community. After all, this is a community made by players, for the players.


We have over 2,800 likes on our Facebook page because it's the number one place to enter competitions. We hold daily events such as our famous 4 picture puzzle, one-word minigame, and other sweet prize giveaways! We give out steam games, drugs, weapons, cars, houses, lands, businesses, and all the dope awesome stuff you can imagine. Plus we'll keep you up to date with anything that happens on Lawless Roleplay. You don't want to miss them so what are you waiting for? You're only just a "like" away!!

You can join us on Facebook here!

Help us by promoting our Facebook page!


We love to post random game-play videos, sneak peeks at new features coming to Lawless Roleplay, and more on our YouTube channel.

You can join us on YouTube here!


Instagram will be our new primary Social Media account where we will do many promotional campaigns, giveaways, and polls. We will also announce some major news on the page and keep all our followers updated with what's going on in the server.

You can join us on Instagram here!


We have a VoIP application named Discord that provides the platform where the player can interact with other players by either chat or voice. Discord specializes in text, image, video, and audio communication between users in a chat channel and voice channel.

You can link your Discord accounts by clicking here!


In the nearest future, we will begin streaming on twitch. We will be broadcasting our server to not only our players but every SA: MP player on the platform. This is something that has never been done before by any server and we expect great things from our Twitch Project. We will be holding live giveaways, events, gatherings, and much more live on Twitch.

You can join us on Twitch here!


In the nearest future, we will begin posting videos on our Tiktok! Let's have some fun while staying with the trend!

You can join us on Tiktok here!


For the gamers at lawless, what better place to hold small events then when you're rocking DOTA 2, H1Z1, or CS: GO! Of course, we're talking about Steam, follow our page and get updates while you play! Plus we host games on other games too and you could join Barney in a round of CS: GO!

You can join us on Steam here!


We are shameful tweeters at Lawless Roleplay. Where would we be if we couldn't tweet our crazy hearts out to our users? See behind the closed doors and have a true glimpse of the backstage at Lawless Roleplay.

You can join us on Twitter here!

Rockstar Social Club

If we're not robbing innocent civilians in 1990s Los Santos then we're time traveling to modern-day Los Santos to rob banks. Join our crew and together we could be lunatics spreading lawless all over Los Santos.

You can join us at Rockstar Social Club here!

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