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$10.99 per month


  • INCLUDES All Daisy features!
  • • Ability to use up to FOUR personal vehicles at one time instead of just one personal vehicle!
  • • Ability to own up to 10 personal vehicles instead of just 5 personal vehicles
  • • Ability to own and wear up to 7 toys purchased from clothes stores instead of just 4 toys
  • Paychecks are automatically signed for you and deposited into your bank account!
  • • Bank interest rate increased to 0.5% from 0.1% (cap limit of $5,000)
  • • You can transfer money and pay other players up to $100,000 at one time instead of $10,000
  • • Ability to upgrade your spawn armor to 100% instead of just 50%
  • • Discharged from hospitals with 100% health instead of the default 50% health
  • • Ability to heal to 100% health inside your home or business
  • • Weed plants grow much faster than normal weed plants
  • • Ability to own two houses instead of just one house
  • • Ability to have two jobs at a time instead of just one job
  • • All jail and prison time is decreased by 30%
  • • Ability to sell guns without requiring the gun dealer job
  • Ability to place a boombox to play online radio stations inside interiors anywhere & anytime!
  • • Use up to two personal radio channels
  • • No limit on the amount of cigars, lock picks, ropes, spray cans etc you can hold at a time
  • • Access to the exclusive Rose Dealership with limited edition and rare vehicles
  • • Access to use the Rose Vehicle Garage which contains rare vehicles for FREE
  • • Ability to turn on RAGE MODE which turns your shouts to a deep attention grabbing red color
  • • Access to the dojo (you and another player can duel here with custom weapons)
  • • Ability to sell and use the rare Uzi and Tec-9 weapons
  • • All level restrictions are removed when purchasing houses
  • • Unlimited access to the sweeper to ensure that no cops are snooping on your conversations!
  • FREE!! Custom user title!
  • NEW!! Ability to change jobs after 30 minutes instead of 90 minutes
  • Why not pay $5 more and upgrade to the super deluxe Ivy Package
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