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    Why do YOU need this package?

    This package is for the heavy hitters and big rollers on Lawless Roleplay. It's filled with everything you need to show off to your friends and make them green with envy while your pockets get green with money!

    You get THREE vehicles, a house, boombox and a MP3 player to block out the sounds of Los Santos. You can get a fancy bike, car, boat or even a plane and arrive in style to your house party with sound flooding the area from your boombox device. You will be a real party animal with this package and people will be jealous of your status. Plus as an added bonus, you can give a lucky friend 2 weeks of daisy free of charge - we don't just want you to be fancy, we want you to be popular with this package! The total cost of this package is $82.99 with $2.50 additional discount (excluding 37% discount) and $10 of free bonus gifts totalling $95.49 - you only pay $54.99!

    You are getting $95.49 worth of awesome goodies for only just $54.99!! Over 42% of savings!

    You get the following items:

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