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    You can purchase a medium piece of land and literally build anything you like or desire that is reasonable, realistic and matches the environment around you! You get 200 object slots with this land - plus you can buy more object slots in-game with in-game cash or coins.

    Before donating, please check with the donation team that the location you want is valid or not. You can do this by sending us screenshots of the desired location by filling out this form.
    We also recommend that you check the following topics before donating to avoid disappointment:

  • Rules for land placement and building
  • Disallowed but frequently asked land location
  • Property placement

  • With over 420 objects to choose from, you can truly build yourself something special. You can own up to 500 objects on your land, you can give either access or edit permissions to friends so they can run your business on your behalf and most importantly, it gives you a lot of status. The land system allows players to actually own a piece of land and build a respectful office, business, hideout and anything else your heart desires. You can buy objects and place it on your land - you can create your own house, office, skyscraper or gang HQ or faction HQ or anything you can imagine.

    This land size is perfect for:
  • • Medium sized houses
  • • Large Offices
  • • Large Restaurants
  • • Gang HQs
  • • And anything else your imagination can create!
  • After donating, please fill out this form to redeem this item.

    Note: By donating, you are accepting our terms and conditions

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