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    Dear @Tasos,

    I admit, we are THE best SA-MP server out there and we have the BEST script so I don't blame the banned players for wanting a chance again. All they need to do is complete this form and wait for us to unban them.
    hello i just wanted to tell you that somethings cant be told and they;re undescridable btw tho i tried reaching u on the tiktok app to sent you a message but it say this user does not escisting so i can only find u here good luck bro
    man i just wanna drive on the bridge that connects red county to lv with my awesome black stylish tahoma and admin spec me because im too fast and detect speed hack ;)
    Δεν είμαι Μωαμεθανός
    ούτε και ανήκω κανενός
    Σ’ όσους και να πάω τόπους
    ίδιους βρίσκω τους ανθρώπους
    3 days for my freedom, never saying the word that starts with h and ends with n again on lawless i learnt my lesson <3 i love.
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