Private Island


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Our expert mappers will create a custom island in the middle of the sea with a helicopter and boat access! You get to command the mapping team by telling them how you want your private island to look like! You will be given a free house move and a free boat/ helicopter (non-combat) to access your new private island or just a free house!

Islands cannot be connected to any land by bridges due to limitations in SA:MP.

NEW!! As an added bonus, private island owners now get a FREE LARGE LAND worth €79.99 included with their island!!

Before donating, please check with the donation team that the location you want is valid or not. You can do this by sending us screenshots of the desired location by filling out this form.

We also recommend that you check the property placement rules before donating to avoid disappointment.

After donating, please fill out this form to redeem this item.

Note: By donating, you are accepting our terms and conditions