Newbie Package


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Why do YOU need this package?

Are you new in town? This package is perfect for you and comes very reasonably priced! You can easily make a name for yourself immediately with this package and stand out from the crowd!

This package gives you everything you need to start out. You get to call your friends with a custom phone number and can pick them up in your cool custom vehicle. While waiting for your friend, you can listen to the best tracks on your private MP3 player. Your friend is not showing up? Level your detective skill and more twice as fast with the double experience perk! Ahh… good, you found your friend. Time to show him your epic vehicle and the sweet custom license plate. But not only in-game you are unique, on the forums as well with your custom forum title! Plus as an added bonus, you can give a lucky friend 1 week of daisy free of charge! The total cost of this package is €57.49 with €8 of free bonus gifts totaling €65.49 – you only pay €29.99!

You are getting €65.49 worth of awesome goodies for only just €29.99!! 54% of savings!

You get the following items:

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