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When we first created Lawless Roleplay, we wanted it to be a server which was not about rules but instead about gameplay and fun. We did not want our players to have to memorise a huge guidebook about what they can or can’t do. Instead, we wanted most of our rules to be automatically enforced by the server script and to let players focus about having fun.

However, as time has gone by, department directors and players have suggested multiple rules and these were added. But they did not add any value to the server and made things confusing for everyone.

So today, I am proud to announce that all our server rules have been reviewed and adjusted by me and agreed upon with the Lawless Roleplay management team.

Please note: All rules and punishments listed are only guidelines. Punishments can be less or more severe and depends on the situation and discretion of the admin.

There is just too many changes to list them all but here are the main ones:
  • No member limit on gang/ factions
  • New hacking punishment rules
  • New deathmatch punishment rules
  • New revenge killing rules
  • Removal of 10 minute rule
  • There have been many rules also removed which are now enforced by the script (ie. Car parking, spawn killing etc)
  • Removed faction arrest procedure detaining in valid vehicle rules
Frequently Asked Questions

My account was terminated because of the old hack rules. Can I be unbanned?
We are willing to unban and undo any account terminations on a case by case. We strongly recommend that you post a ban appeal (even if your account has been terminated).

When are these rules valid?
Right now since this post.

What happened to the old rule clarification threads?
These were systematically reviewed and any topics with incorrect/ expired information have been removed from view.
I would like to apologise to everybody with the recent downtime and struggles the server has been having. However, since our last update and the server move, we have been able to rectify the issues. Thanks you for your patience. With this update, not only have I fixed server issues and mitigated the server completely.. I have given everybody 14 days of Ivy as promised in my I love you thread.

I have given every single player who has logged in the past 24 hours, 14 days of Ivy or equivalent upgrade. Ivy donators received 14 days extra while Rose/ Daisy donators were upgraded to Ivy and everyone else received 14 days of Ivy. The conditions were that you were level 3 and above, not banned, disabled, verified locked or had any restrictions. A total 1665 accounts received Ivy.

I really mean this - from the bottom of my heart. Thank you - everyone, the staff, the community, the helpers, the testers, donators - honestly everyone. Thank you for your loyalty, support and trust in this difficult time. I really mean it because without you, we would've never survived so thank you.

With this said, I am now full stream ahead with developing new awesome updates for you. Stay tuned!

We are constantly looking to improve the server and community, if you have any suggestions then please post it in the suggestion forums or if you found any bug or problem with our server, then please post it in the bug forums.

We hope you are enjoying the frequent updates as we aim to make Lawless Roleplay a more smooth and better experience for everyone.

Revision 1.2.92
- Fixed a runtime error with /putincar
- Fixed a bug with /buy in restaurants not giving health
- Fixed a runtime error with /announceevent
- Moved /cnn to HA command and added a warning for possible issue with command
- Script optimisation

Once again, thank you.
Announcement Development Team
Development Team

The development team has struggled in the past year and this has crippled our ambitions and desire to provide cutting edge features. I am the sole developer and combined with my management responsibilities – I hardly find the time to develop and manage the server at the same time. Today, we want to get out of this gridlock and get the community more involved and engaged by opening the development department to the community. A community made by players, for players.

The development department is made of three sub-departments: Scripting, Mapping and Testing Teams. The development team’s role is to provide the server with the tools and functionality to enable everyone to have ultimate fun.

The scripting team’s main responsibility is to update the script with new features, bug fixes and to ensure the in-game mechanics are running smoothly. The scripting team will be led by myself and community members can apply for positions such as Senior Scripter and Junior Scripter. Senior scripters have direct access to the script and are able to make global changes while Junior scripters have access to the API code and will only be able to create modules/ systems. All work is then reviewed and verified by myself or assigned Senior Scripters before they are implemented.

The beta testing team will test new scripts/ maps, find/ confirm bugs, exploits in all of our services. We are currently accepting applications for leadership for the beta team. We are looking for someone with basic experience of SA-MP development, solid knowledge of the Grand Theft Auto San Andreas game engine and a desire to lead. The leader should have very strong communication and language skills. The beta testing team is made of a Lead Beta Tester, Assistant Lead Beta Tester and Testers. Running this team will really allow you to make a great name for yourself by establishing this team from the ground up. You can become a legend by building the foundation of this new department.

The mapping team use specialised tools designed by myself to create amazing realistic buildings and interiors. We are currently accepting applications for leadership for the mapping team. We are looking for someone to breathe fresh air into the recently closed department and to revive its old ways. The lead mapper does not need any scripting knowledge but will need to have an eye for detail, realism and have very strong organisational skills. This department is made of a lead mapper, assistant lead mapper and mappers.

All roles in the development team are paid roles. You will be paid in server credits which you can spend buying donation perks. The chosen leaders of both the Mapping and Beta Tester Team can negotiate the exact rewards and perks for their team. This allows the leaders to really stamp their name in the server history.

If you are interested in becoming the Lead Mapper or Lead Beta Tester then please fill in the application below and send it via e-mail to: barney [at] lawlessrp [dot] com. The deadline for applications are on 22 October 2016.

You will receive feedback on your application and by 24 October 2016, successful applicants will be invited for an interview. We will then pick the leaders based on the individual’s performance in the application and interview.

Applications are closed.

Application Form

If you have any questions about the applications then please shoot me an e-mail to barney [at] lawlessrp [dot] com.
Today, Ryan Cool resigned from the administrative team after serving the community for over 2 years and 2 months. Ryan and myself go way back to our 2006 SA-MP shenanigans causing mayhem all over San Andreas with our crew called ‘Lawless’ (where we get our name from).

When Ryan heard that I had established my own community with my good friends Shock and Leii, he immediately got engaged and used his SA-MP expertise to aid us create the Lawless Roleplay we know today. Ryan was then hired as a Junior Administrator on 10th October 2013. He had such a great work ethic that he was promoted 6 days later. He slowly climbed up the administrative ranks ever since then. His main task within the administrative team was handling player requests then he went onto handling internal administrative requests and finally he was the chief whip in the administrative team. He was one of our profound members who was not afraid to let us know when we screwed up. I’ve been in meetings with him where he told admins off for their wrong actions – heck, I’ve been told off by him. He was one of our main gears that ensured the administrative team held a very high standard. Thus, on behalf of Lawless Roleplay, we would like to congratulate him and thank him for his priceless contribution to the community. We all wish him well on his real life ventures and hope he keeps racking them promotions up at work. Thank you.

Furthermore, there have been a few reforms within the administrative team. We’ve been planning since late September on a complete haul within the administrative team. We feel that there is a large gap within the administrative team linking to the player side of things. Whilst all administrators are still players, we felt that some administrators spend so much time on duty that they forget what it is like to be a player.

Additionally, ever since the start of Lawless Roleplay, the management team held the responsibility of handling all administrative tasks. We vetted potential administrators, we hired, promoted, trained, assigned departments and etcetera. We felt that the management team has a far too wide range of responsibilities which prevented us from conducting our primary tasks such as scripting or web development. These two issues which drew a lot of time and effort from the management team prevented growth within the community.

Effective as of today, Toompert (Toompert Daman) has been promoted to Server Management and appointed as the Staff Manager. His role within the administrative team is a new unique role that will oversee all administrative training, promotion, suspension, hiring and many more responsibilities. Toompert will also be directly engaged with Ban Appeal, Complaints and Public Relations departments. He will assign those departments leaders which he sees fit as well as handling any issues those departments have. This new exciting department will allow a much greater administrative team to serve the community.

To tackle the bridge between the players and administrative team, Leii (Leii Maddox) has been reinstated to Server Management and appointed as the Game Affairs Manager. His role within the administrative team is to create in-character events and get the game world spinning. He will spend a lot of his time undercover switching from faction to gangs to civilian looking for potential issues and resolving them. Leii will also be directly engaged with Factions, Gangs and Helper departments. He will assign those departments leaders which he sees fit as well as handling any issues those departments have. He will also be a liaison within the administrative team for players by talking to players and finding out their issues or problems. He will then work with his departmental leaders to resolve the issue or work with the staff manager to resolve other departmental issues.

Both, Leii and Toompert will be acting like the yin and yang of the server, going side by side. Toompert with the admin oriented view and Leii with the player oriented view will give feedback to me for any script related issues. This will give myself and shock more time and energy to work on development side of things. And more importantly, it will give our community a much better experience.