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Server Update v1.5.68

I hope you guys have witnessed the major reshuffles in the admin team over the past few weeks. We enter 2020 with the mindset of making Lawless Roleplay great again. We have a massive project going on in the background and hopefully, the community will start enjoying the results.

I would like to take this opportunity to congratulate @Kenobi who has become our lead mapper and @Ignacio who is now our Director of Development. Together, I think they'll do a fantastic job of reforming the script. In addition, I would like to congratulate @Martin Soprano for becoming the project manager in the massive reforms to come to the community. Like you, I am very excited to see what the above staff members will bring to Lawless Roleplay.

In reward for the starting of the reform project, everyone receives a nice login reward and some minor bug fixes.

Server Update v1.5.68
- Rescripted /neutralize and fixed a bug with players being able to exploit the command to see if an admin is spectating them
- Fixed a bug with /ncheck showing the wrong data
- Fixed a bug with /ncheck exposing admins
- /showbadge needs to be approved via /accept badge to prevent abuse
- Fixed /joinevent and /addtoevent
- Fixed /ncheck
- /punlist for HMA shows no previous punishments
- Fixed bugs with battle royale
- Added new login reward
- New login song
Server Update v1.5.63

I will save the community the long story as to why I have been away for some time. This update was due a few months ago however I only have had time to test it recently. I hope you enjoy it:

- Added 10 more map bug fixes
- Rescripted what /showlicenses and /showbadge look like entirely and fixed an exploit to check admins spectating
- Added universal /show command which can show ID, Licenses, and Badge
- Removed all help directions saying to use /showid, /showbadge and /showlicenses - instead now directing to the new /show command
- Rescripted /detain and fixed a bug which allowed you to detain anyone regardless of the location of the cop's last vehicle
- Rescripted /free and fixed a bug which allowed players to check if an admin is spectating them
- Server bans now detect if a player is not logged in and blocks their IP from rcon
- Fixed /resetupgrades to include level based points
- Added /ncheck command for FBI and lawyers to check player notoriety
- Added /quitdiv to quit divisions
- Added /leave to have all /quit based commands within
- New login reward system (must have more than 8 playing hours on the account)
- Donators get 14 days free Ivy (upgrade if not Ivy and given additional 14 days) on logging in
- Normal players get 7 days of free Ivy on logging in
Server Update v1.5.45

This release contains a brief maintenance update with the following change logs:

- Fixed a bug with the GPS and converted it into independent module
- Tutorial now pauses if you are tabbed
- Fixed a calculation error with /gmute in certain circumstances
- Increased business slots to 750
- Fixed a /dropgun ban bug
- Upgraded VPN protection
- Anti-cheat bug fixes
- BR now requires 4 players to start and bonus is given at 10 players or more
Hope you enjoy!
Server Update v1.5.40

Lawless Roleplay uses a custom state of the art anticheat and protection system called C.O.C.K. which is short for Coded Observation Cheat K-Liner. Since the release of C.O.C.K. version 2.0 in 2015, there have been only minor editions and revisions done which is why I am extremely excited to announce that C.O.C.K. version 3.0 is now ready to be released as a public beta.

While this update may not seem significant to many members but this new version of C.O.C.K. has been in the works since 2015 and only being able to publicly test it now is a major achievement and a merit to the complexity and advanced code.

With this update, C.O.C.K. can now detect over 50 types of different cheats, exploits and game breaking experiences - all with the aim of delivering the smoothest game play.

In addition to C.O.C.K. version 3.0, material pick up locations will be giving out bonus materials in their first few hours of capture (until the next material pick up point is captured), although, cops can shut down the bonus material giveaway.

- Normal material run rates depending on forklift skill: 275, 300, 325, 350, 400
- Bonus material run rates depending on forklift skill: 300, 325, 350, 400, 450
- There can only be one material route offering bonus materials, it alternates between whichever material point is up for grabs
- If the cops shut the material point down then there will be no bonus until a gang captures a material point

There is now a new turf perk called payroll which when owned by a gang allows their members to not get any notoriety while in ownership of that gang. However when cops shut this turf down, they will receive a bonus $600 on top of their standard $600 turf shut down payment every paycheck.

Finally, I have also decreased the gambling level to 8 and have added /vs and /vst as /vstorage access commands.​
Server Update v1.5.36


Hospital spawn times have been decreased to 30 seconds after well received feedback from the community!


Turf payments have been adjusted for almost all turfs with the minimum change of turfs earning double to triple the amount that they were previously earning.

Job pay has also been greatly increased for drug smuggler and trucker.


Other features include Battle Royale becoming free to play while keeping the highly valuable rewards and some bug fixes including the notorious punishment (/punlist) and gang log (/ganglog)​
Server Update v1.5.27
The first update of 2019 is finally here with version v1.5.27, this means we have made 1,527 revisions in the five years of our community's existence. Each revision contains multiple features, adjustments, bug fixes and changes made by our developers.

  • Battle Royale: A game mode where your mission is to eliminate every other player until you are the last one alive. You will take off on a plane and fly to the battleground where you will parachute down. Weapons, health and armour can be found scattered around the map. The winner wins 80% of the money everyone put in and if there is more than 16 players, the winner also gets an extremely rare prize
  • Implemented new paintball exterior map
  • Added visual blood splatter when you take damage
  • Added /findbr

  • Changing password now requires you to confirm your current password to change it
  • Adjusted HUD alert system to be central
  • Adjusted anticheat
  • Paycheck is given once you complete the first captcha and no longer asks you to enter the paycheck code

  • Fixed a critical bug with /movept
  • Fixed a bug with namechanges being longer than 20 characters
  • Fixed a bug which allowed people to /dropgun while dying
  • Fixed gang zones causing weird overlapping effect
  • Fixed a bug which duplicated cars if owner /q while vehicle being towed
  • Fixed death bug where you are not in the death animation and can walk around
  • Fixed a death bug which sent you to the hospital immediately
  • Fixed an issue with /getpt
  • Fixed a bug where you could not do /cancel contract
  • Hitmen can now use /(cancel/accept) hit as an alternative to /(cancel/accept) contract
  • Hitmen can no longer accept hits after they kill you
  • Fixed a delay with death messages ie. delay in receiving notoriety etc
  • Fixed a bug where the weather could be reset once you're stoned
  • Fixed a bug where /refund can crash the server
  • Fixed a bug with /revive and /revivenear resetting the skin



This is a new activity available where your mission is to eliminate every other player until you are the last one alive. You can team, heal, use drugs but there must be only one survivor.

When you join and the round begins, you will take off on a plane over wasted battle grounds and will need to parachute down. You will land on this island without any weapons or tools.

You can find weapons, health and armour scattered around the map. Some areas of the map contain more items than others while the warship has extremely rare items.

The winner gets 80% of the money everyone put in and if there is more than 16 players, they also get an extremely rare prize.



There is now random blood splatter when you get hurt.



The most popular area in Los Santos has received a face lift with parking, outdoor seating and vegetation. A great place to chill with your friends.



Being our first update of 2019, I think it's time we set the slate clean by unbanning everyone. We hope giving this chance to banned players allows them to reunite with their friends & foes and to make new memories on Lawless Roleplay.

We hope that our goodwill is taken seriously with players abiding by our server rules and being a contributing member of the community.



There is an optional version of the SA-MP 0.3.7 client containing various fixes:

- The game's radar should scale better in widescreen resolutions. No more 'egg of finding'
- The sa-mp.cfg option nohudscale=1 and /hudscalefix client command can be used to toggle the radar scale fix
- A bug introduced in 0.3.7-R2 PlayerPlaySound with sound ID 0 is fixed
- Actors should be able to rotate again
- The game timer wrapping could bug out functions like InterpolateCameraPos
- More checks in the client for bad data (unoccupied sync, character aiming up/down)


UPDATE v1.5.34

A new hotfix update was released on 22 January 2019, more information found here.​

Oh oh oh! Merry... oh wait, wrong holiday. Let's get spooky...

Find the candy scattered around the map before the timer ends to win some awesome prizes!
The top 15 candy collectors can be found on /topcollectors

The Gift Shop


The candies you earn by find candy can be used to buy any of the following from the gift shop. In order to check how many candies you have, look at the purple text just below where your money is displayed on the screen.

Top candy collectors
The top 15 candy collectors will each win awesome gifts which will be announced on Monday 5th November. We have some killer prizes...

Halloween Day 31st Special Event
On the 31st October, throughout the day large shipments of gift boxes will drop. These are very special gift boxes which will all contain awesome prizes and candies. Furthermore, they will have really long time limits. So be prepared!

This event will end on Sunday 4th November but be sure to be online that day for a special announcement! :D

Other events
We also have amazing events that have been running since Friday, check them out here!

- Updated C.O.C.K. precursor module to be more accurate
- Added new captcha module (https://i.imgur.com/OS6BcvB.png) - allows us to dynamically create captchas in-game and verify them with functions
- Added captcha support to pay checks as a test before roll out
- C4 now costs $7,500 for HMA and they can hold only two at a time
- Fixed a bug with death message bugging (https://imgur.com/a/TrLZcyw)
- Enabled halloween events
Now, where is my zombie chair?