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Lawless Roleplay is back with a killer update today. This update was influenced by the gang meeting recently to bring more intense competition to turfs. Following today's update, the turf perks now do the following:

Car Shop Perk
All gang vehicles spawn with 5,000 health (normally 1,000 health). Making them very strong vehicles.

Bribery Perk
All gang members spend 10 percent less time in prison and get 20 percent discount on materials when creating weapons via /sellgun

Connections Perk
The find marker (/find) lasts for 5 seconds longer and all members get 12 percent more pay doing the drug smuggler job

Safe House Perk
Other players will not be able to find you using the detective job (/find) and you will not gain any notoriety when murdering people

Drug House, Crack House, Drug Factory and Chemical Lab Perks
A bag of 300 grams of pot, crack and chemicals is deposited in the gang safe and the gang will gain money each time people uses products available in said turf

Material Pickup and Material Dropoff Perk
The gang will gain money each time people uses products available in your turf

Combat Shotgun Perk
The gang will have access to sell combat shotguns (Requires Gun Dealer job)

Extortion Perk
Gang will gain 50 percent tax of trades done on your turf, you will also pay no tax and get a $1,150-1,750 bonus on your hourly pay check

Doctor's Note Perk
Your gang members will not pay any hospital fees and will only get stoned after 10 drug uses (normally 5 uses)

Dominance Perk
Your gang can capture 3 more extra turfs

Revision 1.3.82
- Bribery perk (Market) gives you a 20% discount on material costs when using /sellgun
- Extortion perk (Idlewood) now includes paying 0% tax during paycheck and a bonus of $1150-$1750 (random)
- Connections perk (Santa Monica Beach) gives you 12% bonus pay when delivering drug crates (max: $728 pay per run)
- Safe House perk (Fossil Fuel Company) protects you from gaining notoriety from killing anybody
- Doctor's Note (Crippen Memorial) perk allows all members to not pay any hospital fees and can use drugs 10 times before getting stoned from drugs (normally stoned after 5 uses)
- Drug House, Crack House, Drug Factory and Chemical Lab perks - A bag of 300 grams of pot, crack and chemicals is deposited in the gang safe
- Fixed a bug with /fedit for skins
- Fixed an attack syn via SetPlayerInterior
- Increased DD slots + Business slots
- Adjusted fisher man hack detection
- Increased weapon hack detection sensitivity
- Added the ability for administrators to select their rank when using /switchfac or /switchgang
- Fixed the /exitpaintball exploit when you are jailed/ prisoned
- Fixed a bug with /setcolor orange color not creating a mini-map blip
- Added 30 new map fixes
- Updated streamer plugin, AMX and YSI includes
- Fixed double space in /help for FBI for command /dmvrelease
- Fixed Donation spacing on /ah
- Added object loader for /goto tdm1-3
- /sethelper now broadcasts to the user if they have been hired or removed
- The breathalyzer test only detects alcohol or drug usage after 2 uses and after 3 uses for those owning the Doctor's note
- The period of being stoned has been increased from 49 seconds to 60 seconds
- Fixed a random occurrence bug which could reset the weather or time for people who are stoned
- Removed newbie did you know message about verified status

I would just like to take a moment and thank the entire staff team at Lawless Roleplay especially the management team for their help. I would also like to thank the beta team for their quick and rapid testing of this update.

If you like this update and want to see more updates like this one, let me know in the comments!
Winter Event Results!

Christmas has finally passed us and the decorations have come down. We have all recovered from our post-new year's hangover and are ready to start the whole "new year, new me" thing. This year we had some awesome prizes to win from our events and we will be continuing with these events daily on our Facebook page so be sure to like that!


Every single year, Santa Claus's sleigh gets hit by the raging gang bangers of Los Santos and each time he crashes into Flint County - you would think after four concessive years, this guy would learn.. but no. He falls under the typical wheel barrow of Lawless Roleplay gang bangers. This year, we had more deliveries made by the good citizens of Los Santos than any year before.

A total of 18,286 presents were delivered between 24th December to 10th January (17 days!). This means that a whooping 45 presents was delivered by our players every hour for 17 days! Wow! It even gets more impressive that we had 903 different people deliver presents!

Santa's Top 10 Helpers
  1. John Wulf - 1190 Presents Delivered
  2. Buggly Thorns - 1133 Presents Delivered
  3. Darco Soze - 527 Presents Delivered
  4. Ganesh Thamizhan - 487 Presents Delivered
  5. Kenji Thamizhan - 484 Presents Delivered
  6. Lend Smacstore - 461 Presents Delivered
  7. Lrukz Shred - 361 Presents Delivered
  8. Adolf V Lannister - 304 Presents Delivered
  9. James Draco - 264 Presents Delivered
  10. Mawe Hawthorne - 229 Presents Delivered
All winners and top 10 helpers have won a very special usertitle (Santa's Helper 2017) on the forums. Please post an administrative request to get your forum title prize!


All winners have 48 hours to claim their prize. Winners of the special prize, custom house interior, custom car and custom phone number will need to post an administrative request for their prize!

Special Prize (Private Island! WORTH $100)
Please post an administrative request to claim this prize
  • John Wulf

House with an interior of choice
Please post an administrative request to claim this prize
  • Blanco Soze
  • Lrukz Shred

Ivy Perk for 30 days
  • Jappy Vincre
  • Buggly Thorns
  • Darco Soze

Tier 3 Custom Vehicle
Please post an administrative request to claim this prize
  • Cazzey Robinson
  • John Wulf
  • Ganesh Thamizhan
  • Buggly Thorns

Custom Phone Number
Please post an administrative request to claim this prize
  • Buggly Thorns
  • Adolf S Lannister
  • Stormzy Reaper
  • Rex Savage
  • James Draco

Custom Forum Titles
Please post an administrative request to claim this prize
  • Nikita Dominique
  • Kane Johnson
  • Hamid Thorns
  • Jaspreet Singh
  • Issa J Seth

Thank you for taking part in the 2017 Christmas Events and we look forward to hosting many more events for you in 2018.

Christmas. A time for you to go back home and spend time with your loved ones. For all of us, Lawless Roleplay is our home in the San Andreas Multiplayer community. So we invite everyone to come back home and enjoy the festive season with us. Let's roll out the Christmas festive lights, atmosphere, awesome events, minigames, street parties and a hell load of fun! - But before we do that, let's take a moment to refresh our memory of Lawless Roleplay's mission statement.

Our mission statement to you...
Lawless Roleplay is, and always, will be a community first and a game server second. We are dedicated to fostering an environment with a member-centric approach where all players have equal potential for in-game success and community recognition.

Why play here?
Lawless Roleplay was originally founded on the principle that all players should rise or decline based on the actions of the person behind the player. We feel that success should be determined by a player's actions and talents and not the whim of an administrative team. We have great code. We have the great staff. We have great players. But most importantly we have a vigilant regard for your potential.

Is this a roleplay server?
We have worked to provide many in-game tools for roleplay and it is absolutely encouraged however not required. We feel that any preferred mode of play that does not encroach on any other player’s enjoyment of the game is productive. Due to the harsh nature of game mode frequent player versus player violent interaction should be expected. However, this does not mean that players are allowed to kill other players for no reason.

Update 1.3.71 Overview

Winter Events
We're really excited about spending the winter holidays with our players because of what we've got cooking in the pipelines. This is only the start of a series of events. We have a very new addition to the winter update which is a series of events by our Community Relations Team. There are great competitions and even greater giveaways. From video competitions to singing competitions, there is an easy way for you to win some awesome stuff.

You can take part in the winter events by clicking here

And that's not the end of events, we will be having some awesome events such as:
  • Double EXP Weekends on 24 - 25 December 2017, 31 December - 1 January 2017 and 7 - 8 January 2018
  • Throughout December to January, there will be special events and gifts by the Community Relations team!
  • New Year Website Update
Winter Madness!
Our Winter Wonderland is now open with special minigames that let you win crazy prizes. We'd be hosting contests, giveaways, and parties here so check it out often! This year we have some special new additions to get you into the winter festivities. We have our old maze, climbing, falling crate minigames open but with the addition of a new minigame designed to drop your jaws. We also have a special winter radio genre and a radio blasting some of the best winter songs in minigames and the winter park.

From the moment you join the server, you'll notice that we're really in the festive spirit at Lawless with Christmas songs playing whilst you log in. There will be continuous snowing all over Los Santos. Additionally, our wonderful mapping department has worked together to really produce a very festive map customisation all over Los Santos. You'll find Christmas trees scattered around popular hangouts all over Los Santos. And as a very special addition, the Mayor of Los Santos has funded extra Christmas lights all over popular Los Santos places.

Santa has had a crash!
Santa Claus - poor old Santa Claus. Every god damn year, he doesn't learn. This year was no different - Santa's sleigh got hit by a wasp of AK-47 bullets whilst flying over Grove Street and has crash landed in Flint County! God damn it Santa! He needs your help to deliver as many gifts as you can. And as a reward, he promises to give the top 20 helpers very special presents! What you need to do is pick up a gift from his crash site and deliver it to Los Santos. Each time you do this, you will enter the raffle. The more times you enter the raffle, the better your chances are at winning one of the top 20 presents. The raffle results will be released on the 10th January.

  • 1x very special prize (announced on 10th January)
  • 2x House with an interior of choice
  • 3x Ivy for a month
  • 4x Custom cars
  • 5x Custom Phone Numbers
  • 5x Custom Forum Titles - [​IMG]
* So just go in-game and type /christmashelp to get started on helping Santa!

It's Winter in Los Santos!
Let it snow! Oh.. let it snow baby.. Whilst it's not a white winter this year in many places, the gods of San Andreas have blessed us with snow. The Government has also used money seized from Max Mabbitt's retired gang empire to pay for mystical lights all around Los Santos which clearly means it will be night time throughout the winter festival! Oh yeah... this is the small print that only a few people will read. There is a pink easter egg in Los Santos. Find it and send a screenshot of it to me to get Ivy for life time. Only one winner so be quick.

Maze Minigame
Which door to take.. The maze minigame tests your luck and instincts to see if you can survive through the harsh and cruel maze. We have new additions to this maze to make things exciting. You can earn up to 8 winter credits by completing this minigame (more on this below).

Climbing Minigame
The climbing minigame was closed down last year due to safety fears however it's now open after the Government decided to hire some builders to fix the escalators! In this minigame, you need to climb several obsticals and reach the finishing line. You can earn up to 10 winter credits by completing this minigame (more on this below).

Falling Crates Minigame
The falling crates minigame is a fun and challenging way to earn your Gift Shop coins! It requires 10 friends to start a round in which peices of the floor (crates) fall down and the surviving player wins. You can earn up to 14 winter credits by completing this minigame (more on this below).

In every minigame and event, you can win Winter Credits which then can be used to spend on some awesome stuff.

  • Santa Hat - 1 credit
  • First Aid Kit - 5 credits
  • Full Armour - 10 credits
  • Sniper Rifle - 15 credits
  • 30g Pot - 15 credits
  • 1000 materials - 20 credits
  • 20g Crack - 20 credits
  • $5, 000 cash - 25 credits
  • Spas-12 - 30 credits
  • 1 Respect Point - 50 credits
  • Full weaponset - 70 credits
  • Chainsaw (no restriction) - 80 credits
  • Knife (no restriction) - 109 credits

Update logs

- Added dynamic weather
- Fixed a minor bug with /admins
- /reply hides the admin undercover name
- Server based vehicles respawn after 15 minutes (player/ gang owned vehicles don't respawn auto and job vehicles respawn a bit faster)
- Adjusted /loadmoney
- Added ProxDetectorNotMe
- Cops can only shut down 3 turfs (for every 5 turfs, cops can take 1)
- Moved SendPlayerAlert textdraws down
- Updated YSI, AMX
- Updated custom pawn launcher
- Added Mac OS Pawn compiler
- Compile fixes
- 1000 player limit
- Moderators can now /ban if there are no admins online or if the admins online at AFK/ Tabbed
- Added new developer and third party developer status + chat
- Added vehicle spam detection
- Decreased the chance of rain or sand storm weathers
- Added custom vending machine system which adds 35 health and costs $5
- Added custom sniper toy fix (hides toys when aiming and shows them again once you stop aiming)
- Added custom damage feed system
- Implemented new weapon damage system without SKY plugin
- Enabled snow
- Enable Christmas Events
- Fixed a bug with the login music not working
- Implemented TDM 2 map known as Forest (incl. /goto)
- Implemented TDM 3 map known as Hoover Dam (incl. /goto)
- Added new /colourlist command to show all vehicle colours (documented on /samphelp)
- Gangs now receive 2 rating points when they take over a turf
- There is an automated news report whenever there is a bank robbery
- Added the exact minutes to wait to rob the bank when you use /robbank
- Changed log-in music to something more festive (Lawless Roleplay style..haha!)
- Fixed a bug with the christmas/ new year count down
- Added anti-fisher man teleport hacks
I would like to take this opportunity to personally thank all the beta testers, senior players, helpers, administrators, mappers, developers and everyone involved with this update. They have worked extremely hard on this update. I would like to give a special thanks to Toompert who has been an inspiration to me during this update, couldn't do it without you brother. I also want to thank all the players for their loyalty and patience with this update - I know it as a tough one.

Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays to everyone...

From Lawless Roleplay

Volume 2 - October

Welcome to the second edition of the Community Newsletter.


The community newsletter is a monthly post by the management team highlighting our forecast for the upcoming month as well as reflecting on the previous month. This includes events, projects, goals and things we are currently working on. In our second volume we will be discussing the Halloween events, upcoming events and the development team.


We hope everyone had fun searching gifts around Los Santos, I personally think the competition was absurdly high between Jacob and Larry. Who were drilled to end up at the first place... However, we think everyone has enjoyed purchasing gifts from the halloween shop and has enjoyed participating in our special halloween events, organized by our community relations team.

Congratulations on behalf of the administrative team to all the winners! Thank you for participating!

Along with the halloween events, we have introduced a new dynamic weather system, which was suggested by the community. We're looking forward to hear your feedback about this new future.

Game Affairs
Every month create unique and special events. In November we're planning to host several events created by our Faction and Gang team. The first Gang Event will be held on 11th November, more information can be found here. For Factions, the event 'Car 'O' Mania' will be announced shortly!

The fun doesn't stop here! More unique events are waiting for you in November.... 'Best hots, Sangre Orgullosa 69th and Protect the Lord' are waiting for your participation!

We're always looking for ways to improve our current events. If you have any idea on how we can improve or adjust our current events, please let us know! Feedback helps!

Development Team
In October we had announced to re-open every development position. On top of that, we are happy to introduce Daniel, Tom, Andrei and Leone as our scripters. The scripters will work on current suggestions, suggested by our lunatics.

In November, we have been working very hard to review every single suggestion. Our message to you is to keep posting new suggestions.
Suggestions are being looked at and will always be taken into consideration.
Our current third party scripters are working on serveral projects which will defintely bring new exciting features to Lawless.

We're still looking for mappers, scripters and BETA testers. If you're interested in becoming one, please click here. Help us improve Lawless!


Administrative Team

Previous month, we have had no admins online in several timezones. We know that you are upset about your reports not being handled. Which is why we are fastening up our recruitment process. We have recently hired new Blacklist Admins and Junior Admins and are still working on ways to fix this issue. We assure you, that by the end of November there would be no issues of your reports not being answered or ignored.

We are looking forward to the upcoming period with you!

Do not forget to contact us when you face an issue. We're always there for you to assist in any situation. Every Head Admin and above can be contacted by mail (e.g. [email protected], [email protected].)